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BaardVariant spelling of Bård
BaggeOld Swedish and modern form of Baggi
BaldorFormer Norwegian variant form of Baldur
BaldrekNorwegian younger form of Baldrekr
BaldvinNordic spelling of Baldwin

BaltserShort form of Baltasar
BaltzerVariant spelling of Baltser
BårdModern form of Bárðr
BårekNorwegian younger form of Bárekr
BariusNorwegian variant form of Baro and Bardo
BaroNorwegian variant form of Bardo
BartholVariant form of Barthold
BartolvNorwegian name
BarukNordic spelling of the Hebrew name בָּרוּך (Barukh) meaning 'blessed'
BasseOld Swedish and modern form of Bassi
BasteNorwegian pet form of Sebastian (see Sebastianus) and Bastian
BastinusFormer Norwegian short form of Sebastianus
BedinName of uncertain origin and meaning. Maybe male form of Bedine
BeintVariant form of Beinkt
BelestYounger form of Byleistr
BellestYounger form of Belest
BelmarNorwegian name
BendigtVariant form of Benedikt
BendikNordic short form of Benedikt The Blessed
BendiktShort form of Benedikt
BengeirNorwegian modern form of Bengeirr
BenteinNorwegian modern form of Benteinn
BenthCreative spelling of Bent
BerauNorwegian dialectal variant form of Bergtor
BeraugNorwegian dialectal variant form of Bergtor
BerdinesNorwegian dialectal variant form of Bertinus
BerdinusNorwegian dialectal variant form of Bertinus
BerdonNorwegian dialectal variant form of Bergtor
BerdorFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Bergtor
BerentLow German form of Bernhard (see Berinhart)
BergethonVariant spelling of Bergeton
BergetonVariant form of Bergiton
BergfinnNorwegian modern form of Bergfinnr
BerginiusFormer male form of Bergine
BergithonVariant spelling of Bergiton
BergitonVariant form of Birgiton
BergsveinNorwegian and Faroese younger form of Bergsveinn
BergsvendVariant form of Bergsvein
BergtorNorwegian younger form of Bergþórr
BergulvNorwegian modern form of Bergulfr

BerhardVariant form of Bernhard
BermodNorwegian younger form of Bermóðr
BernardusLatinised form of Bernhard
BernattNorwegian dialectal variant form of Bernhard
BernerShort form of Bernher and Bernheri
BernhardMeadow of Ash Trees Ash Tree Meadow Dwells at the Ash Tree Meadow Ash-tree Meadow Ash Wood Old High German name, meaning: the Bärenstarke. In Germany since the Middle Ages a timeless name, popular in particular by numerous saints (eg St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the founder of the Cistercian Order). Namesakes: Bernhard Minetti, German actor.
BernhardusLatinised form of Bernhard
BernhofNorwegian name derived from a German surname, which originally is a German place name meaning 'bear farm' or 'bear head'
BerntDerived from the English Place Name White Within Intelligent Destruction Evening Time A Flower - Jasmine Variant of Bernd. Namesakes: Bernt Engelmann, a German writer.
BernthCreative spelling of Bernt
BerntinusMale form of Berntine
BersveinVariant form of Bergsvein
BersvendVariant form of Bergsvein
BerteniusVariant form of Bertinius
BerteusVariant form of Bert
BertheusVariant spelling of Berteus
BerthinVariant spelling of Bertin
BerthinusVariant spelling of Bertinus
BertilMeadow of Ash Trees Ash Tree Meadow Dwells at the Ash Tree Meadow Ash-tree Meadow Ash Wood Bright
BertiniusVariant form of Bertinus
BertinusLatinised form of Bert
BertorNorwegian dialectal variant form of Bergtor
BerulfNorwegian variant form of Berulv
BerulvNorwegian variant form of Bergulv
BetuelFrom the Hebrew name בֵּתוּאֵל (Betu'el) meaning
BilovVariant form of Bylov
BirgerHelp Save Rescue Bright Nordic name, meaning: helpers.
BirgitonNorwegian name
BirningNorwegian younger form of Birningr
BjarnardNorwegian younger form of Bjarnarðr
BjarneShepherd To Help Danish form of Björn (meaning: Bear).
BjarnhardNew Norwegian younger form of Bjarnharðr
BjarnmodNorwegian younger form of Bjarnmóðr
BjarnulvNorwegian modern form of Bjǫrnulfr
BjartNorwegian modern form of Bjartr
BjartmarYounger form of Bjartmarr
BjermodNorwegian younger form of Bjermóðr
BjermundNorwegian name
BjernerVariant form of Bjørner
BjerteVariant form of Bjarte
BjorModern form of Bjórr
BjugNorwegian modern form of Bjúlfr
BjønnalDialectal variant form of Bjørnard

BjønneNorwegian variant form of Bjørne
BjørgeMale form of Bjørg
BjørgerVariant form of Birger
BjørgulvNorwegian younger form of Bjǫrgulfr
BjørguvFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Bjørgulv
BjørgvinNorwegian form of Björgvin
BjørnNorwegian, Danish and Faroese younger form of Biǫrn Brown
BjørnarNorwegian form of Bjarnar Bear
BjørnardNorwegian modern form of Bjarnarðr
BjørneVariant form of Bjarne
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