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CarlPlace Name Farmer's Settlement Man Stupid Person Idiot Unintelligent Person Free Man Farmer older variant of Karl (meaning: free man, Army). Also widespread in the English-speaking world. Namesakes: Carl Zuckmayer, German writer.
CasperTreasurer Keeper of the Treasurer Treasure Bearer
CedolfCreative spelling of Sedolf

ChrisanderNorwegian name
ChristofferManly Form of Charles Carrying Christ
ClarinMale form of Clarina
ClengCreative spelling of Kleng
ColbanusLatinised form of Kolbeinn
ColbiørnCreative spelling of Kolbjørn
ColbjørnCreative spelling of Kolbjørn
ColdevinNorwegian name derived from a surname
CristerCreative spelling of Christer
CæsarVariant spelling of Caesar
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