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EbbeWild Boar Divine Bear Strong Boar Brave Boar
EbenhardVariant form of Ibenhard
EberattNorwegian dialectal variant form of Eberhard
EbergNorwegian name
EbrattNorwegian dialectal short form of Eberhard

EdbjørnNorwegian name
EdevartVariant form of Edvard
EdgeirNorwegian variant form of Edgar
EdiasNorwegian form of Egidius
EdlanNorwegian dialectal variant form of Edland
EdlandNorwegian dialectal variant form of Erland
EdlendNorwegian dialectal variant form of Erlend
EdolvVariant form of Edolf
EdorNordic name
EdvaldVariant form of Evald (see Ewald)
EdvardWealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Wealthy Rich Blessed Guardian of Prosperity Norwegian, Swedish form of Edward (meaning: Guardian of property). Namesakes: Edvard Grieg, Norwegian composer.
EdvardtCreative spelling of Edvard
EdvartVariant form of Edvard
EdvinBorn at Easter Goddess of the Dawn Easter Time Swedish form of Edwin (meaning composition of "possession" and "friend").
EdvindVariant form of Edvin
EghartVariant form of Eckhard
EgilAwe Terror Old High German origin, Nordic short form of Eilbert or Agilbert (meaning composition of "sword tip" and "shiny").
EgirNorwegian variant spelling of Ægir
EidarNorwegian name
EidisVariant form of Edias
EidolfNorwegian name
EidolvVariant form of Eidolf
EidorNorwegian name
EielNorwegian variant form of Eigil
EifinnNorwegian name
EifredNorwegian name
EigilNorwegian dialectal variant form of Egil
EigillNorwegian dialectal variant form of Egil
EileivNorwegian younger form of ÆilæifR
EilerGerman modern form of Egilher
EilevNorwegian variant form of Eileiv
EilivNorwegian variant spelling of Eilif
EillertCreative spelling of Eilert
EimarNordic name
EimodNorwegian younger form of Eymóðr
EimundNorwegian younger form of Eymundr
EinarOne Alone Manly Wise Masculine Brave Abbreviation of Andrew
EinbjørnNorwegian modern form of Æibiǫrn (1)
EindrideOne Alone

EineSwedish form of Eino
EinertVariant form of Einhard
EinrideNorwegian modern form of Æinriði
EinvaldNorwegian form of Enevald
EiolfNorwegian variant form of Øyolv
EiolvNorwegian variant spelling of Eiolf
EirikWealthy Ruler Rich Ruler Alone-Ruler
EisteinNorwegian variant form of Eystein
EiulfNorwegian variant form of Eiolf
EivaldNorwegian name
EivindYounger form of Eivindr Luck
EivinnVariant form of Eivind
EjnerDanish variant spelling of Einer
EjvindDanish variant spelling of Eivind
ElbergNorwegian and Icelandic male form of Elbjørg
ElbjørnNorwegian variant form of Eldbjørn
EldbjørnNorwegian and Faroese name
EldfinnNorwegian name
EldgrimNorwegian younger form of Eldgrímr
ElefOld Danish and Old Swedish form of ÆilæifR
ElenusMale form of Elen
EleseusVariant form of Eliseus
ElfinnNorwegian variant form of Eldfinn
ElgModern form of Elgr
EliasThe God is My Lord Jehovah is God Variant of Hebrew Elijah The Lord is My God biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning: my God is Yahweh. Known as a biblical prophet. The well-known in many countries and for over 1000 years occurring in Germany name is becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century. Namesakes: Elias Canetti, writer German.
ElijasVariant form of Elias
ElinasFormer male form of Elina
EliniusVariant form of Elinus
ElinusMale form of Elina
ElisarVariant form of Elieser
EliserNorwegian dialectal form of Elieser
ElisæusLatinised form of Elisa
EljarNorwegian name of uncertain origin and meanig, maybe a variant form of Elgar
EllandNorwegian dialectal variant form of Erland
EllefVariant form of Ellev
EllendNorwegian dialectal form of Erlend
EllertLow German short form of Edelhard
EllevNorwegian younger form of Eileiv
EllewCreative spelling of Ellev
EllingVariant form of Erling
ElnarMale form of Elna
ElseusVariant form of Elisæus
ElsteinNorwegian name
ElvarVariant form of Alvar Elf
EmanuelGod is with us With us is God Variant of Hebrew Name Immanuel A Biblical Name-title Applied to the Messiah Greek, Latin Nebenform of Immanuel (meaning: God is with us). In Germany sporadically encountered.

EmbretNorwegian short form of Engelbrekt
EmbrikNorwegian dialectal form of Engebret
EmelianMale form of Emelia
EmeliusMale form of Emelia
EmilRival Industrious Eager to Please Emulating Excellent French name of Latin origin, meaning: the Wetteifernde, inspired by an ancient Roman sex. Awarded in Germany for over 300 years, since the mid-20th century with declining importance. Namesakes: Emil Nolde, German painter.
EmiliusNordic spelling of Aemilius
EmmerikNordic form of Emmerich
EmundOld Swedish form of Æimundr
EndorNorwegian form of Einþór
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