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FabiansFormer Norwegian form of Fabianus
FalentinNorwegian dialectal variant form of Fartein (see Farþegn)
FalkeVariant form of Falko
FalkorNorwegian variant form of Falkvord
FalkvorNorwegian variant form of Falkvord

FalkvordNorwegian variant form of Folkvard (see Folcward)
FalleFrisian pet form of Falko and its variant forms
FaltinNorwegian dialectal variant form of Falentin
FanjelVariant form of Fanuel
FarmodYounger form of Farmóðr
FarteinNorwegian modern form of Farþegn
FastNorwegian dialectal variant form of Faste
FasteOld Swedish and modern form of Fasti
FasterNorwegian younger form of Fastr
FerdinShort form of Ferdinand
FilipRussian Form of Philip Horse Lover Friend of Horses Dutch, Nordic, Slavic form of Philipp (meaning: horse lover).
FinckelCreative spelling of Finkel
FingarNorwegian variant form of Finngard
FingerVariant form of Fingar (see Finngarðr)
FinkelNorwegian younger form of Finnkell
FinnSÁ Mi Person From Finland
FinnbergFormer Norwegian male form of Finnborg
FinnbjørnNorwegian and Faroese younger form of Finnbjǫrn
FinnboNorwegian short form of Finnboge
FinnbogeNorwegian modern form of Finnbogi
FinneOld Swedish and modern form of Finni
FinngardNorwegian younger form of Finngarðr
FinngeirYounger form of Finngeirr
FinnkjellNorwegian younger form of Finnkell
FinnleivNorwegian name
FinnulvNorwegian younger form of FinnulfR
FinnvaldNorwegian name
FinnvardNorwegian younger form of Finnvarðr
FinnvedNorwegian younger form of Finnviðr
FjallarNorwegian modern spelling of Fjallarr
FloenVariant form of Flóvent
FolkePeople People's Guardian Chief Stranger Man Army Warrior Short form of names with "folk" or "people" (meaning: people) a girl's name.
FolkvardNorwegian younger form of Folkvarðr
FordelNorwegian name derived from the Middle Low German word Vordēl = 'advantage'
ForseteModern form of Forseti
FranchCreative spelling of Frank
FransA Flint-stone Stream Place-name and Surname Flint Stone Produces a Spark of Fire when Struck by Steel Dutch, Swedish form of Franz (meaning: little Frenchman / Franke). Namesakes: Frans Hals, Dutch painter.
FrantsNordic variant spelling of Frans
FredbjørnNorwegian form of Frithbiorn
FredgeirNorwegian variant form of Fridgeir

FredleifNorwegian modern form of Friðleifr
FredleivNorwegian variant form of Fridleif
FredlyNew variant form of Fred
FredmarNorwegian form of Friðmar
FredmundNorwegian younger form of Friðmundr
FredolvNorwegian variant form of Fridolf
FredrikFree From France Peace
FredsteinNorwegian younger form of Friðsteinn
FredvaldNorwegian variant form of Fridvald
FreiCreative spelling of Frej
FreidarNorwegian name
FreiderVariant form of Freidar
FreivaldVariant form of Frøyvald
FreydarVariant form of Freidar
FreyvaldVariant form of Frøyvald
FridVariant form of Fride
FridarNorwegian name
FridgeirModern form of Friðgeirr
FridleivNorwegian variant form of Fredleiv
FridolvVariant spelling of Fridolf
FridsteinNorwegian younger form of Friðsteinn
FridthjofVariant spelling of Fridtjof
FridtjofDanish, Norwegian form of Frithjof (meaning: Prince of Peace). Namesakes: Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian polar explorer and philanthropist.
FridtjovNorwegian variant form of Fridtjof
FridvaldNorwegian name
FrikkNorwegian short form of Fredrik
FrimannNorwegian form of Friedmann
FritjofThief Of Peace Swedish form of Frithjof (meaning: Prince of Peace).
FrodeLearned Wise
FroderVariant form of Frode
FrøyNorwegian modern form of Freyr
FrøybjørnNorwegian modern form of Frøybiǫrn
FrøysteinNorwegian younger form of Frøystæinn
FrøyvaldNorwegian name
FuseNorwegian younger form of Fúsi
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