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GamleFormer Norwegian variant form of Gamli
GammelFormer Norwegian variant form of Gamal
GandalvNorwegian modern form of Gandalfr
GardarModern form of Garðarr
GardbrandNorwegian name

GardeModern form of Garði
GaseOld Swedish and younger form of Gási
GaulikNorwegian variant form of Gullik
GautNorwegian younger form of Gautr
GautarNorwegian modern form of Gautarr
GauteOld Norse variant form of Gauti The Goth
GautolvNorwegian younger form of GautulfR
GautrekNorwegian younger form of Gautrekr
GautrikNorwegian variant form of Gautrek
GedionVariant form of Gideon
GehartVariant form of Gehard
GeirbjørnNorwegian and Faroese younger form of Geirbjǫrn
GeirbrandNorwegian modern form of Geirbrandr
GeirfinnNorwegian modern form of Geirfinnr
GeirlaugNorwegian younger form of Geirlaugr
GeirleikNorwegian younger spelling of Geirleikr
GeirleivNorwegian younger form of GæiRlæifR
GeirmundNorwegian younger form of Geirmundr
GeiroddNorwegian name
GeirolvNorwegian variant form of Geirulv
GeirrekNorwegian younger form of Geirrekr
GeirrødNorwegian modern form of Gæirrøðr
GeirsteinNorwegian younger form of Geirsteinn
GeirtjofNorwegian modern form of Geirþjófr
GeirtorNorwegian modern form of Geirþórr
GeirulfNorwegian modern form of GæiRulfR
GeirulvNorwegian modern form of GæiRulfR
GeirvaldNorwegian younger form of Geirvaldr
GeliasFormer Norwegian variant form of Elias
GeliusVariant form of Gilius
GeorgGerman Form of George Earth Latin-Greek origin, meaning: Bauer. In Germany in the 20th century very popular, now declining popularity. Namesakes: Georg Friedrich Händel, German composer.
GerloffNorwegian younger form of GæiRlæifR
GernerDeriving from the German surname Gerner :
GerthCreative spelling of Gert
GiermundFormer Norwegian variant form of Geirmund
GietvaldFormer Norwegian variant spelling of Jetvard
GietvoldFormer variant form of Gietvald
GiliusLatin pet form of Aegidius
GilsVariant form of Gisle and Gísli

GisbrektNorwegian variant form of Gisbert
GisleOld Swedish and modern form of Gísli
GitleNorwegian dialectal variant form of Gisle
GitlefFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Gitle
GitleffFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Gitle
GiærmundFormer Norwegian variant spelling of Giermund
GiæverNorwegian name
GjavvaldNorwegian younger form of Gjafvaldr
GjebleNorwegian form of Gabilo
GjerlaugNorwegian variant form of Geirlaug
GjerlofNorwegian younger form of Gerloff
GjerlufNorwegian younger form of Gerloff
GjerløvNorwegian name
GjermundNorwegian younger spelling of Giermund
GjermusCreative spelling of Jermus
GjertNorwegian variant spelling of Gert
GjertinVariant form of Gjertinus
GjertiniusVariant form of Gjertinus
GjertinusMale form of Gjertine
GjerulNorwegian dialectal younger form of Geirulfr
GjeruldNorwegian dialectal younger form of Geirulfr
GjerulvNorwegian dialectal younger form of Geirulfr
GjestNorwegian younger form of Gestr
GjetleNorwegian dialectal variant form of Gisle
GjetvaldFormer Norwegian variant spelling of Jetvard
GjevvaldNorwegian younger form of Gjafvaldr
GjukeYounger form of Gjúki
GjulNorwegian dialectal variant form of Gjurd
GjurSwedish and Norwegian dialectal variant form of Gjurd
GjæverNorwegian variant spelling of Giæver
GjørvaldNorwegian variant form of Geirvald
GjøteVariant spelling of Gøte
GlambekNorwegian name derived from a Danish surname
GløderYounger form of Glœðir
GløerVariant form of Gløder
GlørVariant form of Gløder
GnupYounger form of Gnúpr
GodbergNorwegian new male form of Gudbjørg
GodskalkFormer Norwegian variant form of Gottschalk
GodvarNorwegian younger form of Guðvarr
GodvinYounger form of Goðvini
GoeNorwegian dialectal variant form of Goen
GoenNorwegian dialectal younger form of Goðen

GoggenNorwegian pet form of Georg
GondroNorwegian variant form of Gundro
GorenVariant form of Guren
GoreniusLatinised form of Goren
GotfredVariant spelling of Gottfred
GottskalkNordic spelling of Gottschalk
GottvaldNordic spelling of Gottwald
GregarNorwegian variant form of Gregard
GregardNorwegian younger form of Griútgarðr
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