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IbenFrisian variant form of Ivo
IbenhardNorwegian name deriving from a surname of unknown origin and meaning
IbertNew combination of any name beginning with I- and BJÖRT
IdarNordic name
IdiusShort form of Egidius

IdolfNorwegian and Swedish name
IdorNorwegian and Swedish name
IdrupNorwegian name
IgildNorwegian former variant form of Egil
IgnarNorwegian name
IgnorNorwegian name
IgulNorwegian younger form of Ígull
IljasNordic variant form of Ilias
ImortNorwegian dialectal variant form of Ingebret
IndorNorwegian name
IndreShort form of Indride
IndrideVariant form of Eindride
IngalFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Ingolf
IngardVariant form of Inggard
IngartMale form of Ingarta (see Ingigærðr)
IngarthCreative spelling of Ingart
IngbartNorwegian name
IngbergVariant form of Ingeberg
IngdonNorwegian name
IngdorNorwegian male form of Ingdora
IngeFair Bow White Ring Blessed Ring Goddess of the Moon Resolute Protector Strong Helmet Diminutive of Wilhelmina Safe Peace Well Born Noble Will Helmet Protect Air Germanized form of Inga (meaning similar to the Germanic god Ingwio) Short form of Ingeborg. In Germany, a popular in the first half of the 20 th century name that was also frequently used as part of a double name. Namesake: Inge Meysel, German actress.
IngebergMale form of Ingeborg (see Ingiborg)
IngebjørnNorwegian younger form of Ingibjǫrn
IngebretVariant form of Engebret
IngebrigtVariant form of Engelbrekt
IngebriktVariant form of Engelbrekt
IngeirNorwegian younger form of IngigæiRR
IngeleifVariant form of Ingleif
IngeleivVariant form of Ingleiv
IngemannVariant spelling of Ingeman
IngemårFormer Norwegian variant form of Ingemar
IngemorFormer Norwegian variant form of Ingemar
IngemundOld Swedish and younger form of Ingimundr
IngfredNorwegian name
InggardNew male variant form of Ingegerd (see Ingigærðr)
InghartVariant spelling of Inghard
IngjaldYounger form of Ingialdr
IngjarVariant form of Ingar
IngjardVariant form of Inggard
IngjarlNorwegian name

IngleifNorwegian younger male form of Ingilæif
IngleivVariant spelling of Ingleif
IngmundVariant form of Ingemund
IngnorNorwegian name
IngolfWolf Keeper of the Hedged Enclosure
IngolvNorwegian variant form of Ingolf
IngulNorwegian dialectal variant form of Ingulf
IngulvNorwegian variant form of Ingulf
IngvarWarrior Nordic origin, meaning composition of "Nordic god Ingwio" and "Army". Namesakes: Ingvar Kamprad, a Swedish entrepreneur.
IngvardVariant (hypercorrect) form of Ingvar (see Ingvarr)
IngvartVariant form of Ingvard
IngveVariant form of Yngve
IngvorDanish variant form of Ingvar
IngvordFormer Norwegian variant form of Ingvard
IrgensGerman patronym of a form of Georgius
IrjanVariant form of Yrjan
IsaachCreative spelling of Isaak
IsjbosjetNordic variant form of Isboset
IsleikNorwegian younger form of Ísleikr
IsleivYounger form of Ísleifr
IsolvNorwegian younger form of Ísólfr
IsrødNorwegian younger form of Ísrøðr
IvaldYounger form of Ívaldi
IvaldeModern form of Ívaldi
IvarArcher's Bow Bow Warriors Yew Wood Yew Wood was Used for Bows A Norse God Yew Yew-bow Army Nordic origin, meaning composition, "yew" and "Army".
IvertVariant form of Iver (see Ívarr)
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