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JakoPet form of Jakob (see Jacobus)
JakobArcher's Bow Yew Bow Army Yew Wood Yew Wood was Used for Bows biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning: the supplanter. A timeless name, in Germany at the beginning of the 21st century very popular. Namesakes: Jakob Fugger, German businessman.
JakopOld Swedish and Icelandic variant form of Jakob
JakupDanish spelling of Jákup
JaldemarNorwegian hybrid form of Hjalmarr and Waldemar

JarandNorwegian variant form of Hjarrand (see Hjarrandi)
JardarYounger form of Jarðarr
JarlChieftain Nobleman Earl Climber Ivy Plant An Evergreen Climbing Ornamental Plant A Vine God's Gift Fragrant Climbing Vine Plant Yew A Creeper God will Increase Your Boundary Borne in Pain Nordic origin, meaning: Noble. In Scandinavia, in use as titles of nobility to the Middle Ages.
JarleifVariant form of Jarleiv
JarleivNorwegian name
JarlleivVariant spelling of Jarleiv
JarlsteinNorwegian name
JarlufNorwegian variant form of Jarleiv
JarmundNorwegian variant form of Gjermund
JarnarNorwegian name
JarneDanish dialectal variant form of Jørn (see Jörn) Yahwe Uplifts
JarpNorwegian younger form of Jarpr
JarundFormer variant form of Jørund
JarvidNorwegian name
JatgeirNorwegian younger form of Játgeirr
JebelFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Gjeble
JedvardOld Swedish form of Játvarðr
JedvordNorwegian variant form of Jedvard
JegerYounger dialectal variant form (Austlandet) of IógæiRR
JehansNorwegian dialectal variant form of Johannes
JenbergNorwegian name
JendorNorwegian name
JenfredNorwegian name
JeniusLatinised form of names beginning with Jen- (see JEN)
JennorVariant form of Jendor
JensMighty with a Spear Spear Warrior Ruler of the Spear The Lord is Gracious Gracious Gift of God God is Gracious Danish, Frisian short form of Johannes (meaning: God is merciful). In Germany in the second half of the 20th century popular now with declining circulation.
JenseniusVariant form of Jensinius
JensiniusMale form of Jensine
JentoftFrom the Danish place name Gentofte on Sjælland
JenvaldNorwegian name
JerløvNorwegian variant spelling of Gjerløv
JermannVariant form of Jermund (see GæiRmundr)
JermundNorwegian variant spelling of Gjermund
JermusShort form of Jeronimus
JerundFormer variant form of Jørund
JesbriktFormer Norwegian variant form of Gisbrekt
JestNorwegian variant spelling of Gjest
JetmundNorwegian younger form of Játmundr

JetvardNorwegian younger form of Játvarðr
JevardVariant form of Jetvard
JoakimModern Blend of Jerry and Marilyn Heart God of Victory Nordic form of Joachim (meaning: God judges on).
JoalvYounger form of Jóalfr
JoarOld Swedish and younger form of Jóarr
JobjørnNorwegian younger form of Ióbiǫrn
JocumVariant spelling of Jokum
JofreNorwegian variant form of Jofred
JofredNorwegian name
JofrøyYounger form of Jófreyr
JogeirNorwegian younger form of IógæiRR
JogrimYounger form of Jógrímr
JohanVariant and Dutch, Scandinavian form of Johann (meaning: God is merciful).
JohanarnNorwegian variant form of Johanarnt
JohanarntNorwegian name
JohannesGerman Form of John Merciful The Lord is Gracious Hebrew origin, meaning: God is merciful. In Germany, a timeless popular name. Known from the Bible by John the Baptist. Namesakes: Johannes Brahms, German composer.
JohansNorwegian dialectal variant form of Johannes
JohsVariant spelling of Jos
JokjellNorwegian younger form of Jókell
JoleifNorwegian name
JoleikNorwegian younger form of Iolik
JoleivVariant form of Joleif
JomundNorwegian form of Jómundur
JonarNorwegian name
JonatanIvy Plant Climber A Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant Valuable Coral Beads Ivy Tree Yahweh Has Given
JonathanYAHWEH Has Given Gift of Jehovah Hebrew origin, meaning: God has given. Widely known through the book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" (1970) by Richard Bach. Namesakes: Jonathan Swift, Irish writer.
JonfinnNorwegian name
JonfredNorwegian name
JonfridFormer Norwegian variant form of Jonfred
JonleifVariant form of Jonleiv
JonleivNorwegian name
JonulvNorwegian name
JonvaldNorwegian name
JonvarNorwegian variant form of Jonvard
JonvardNorwegian name
JoralfNorwegian name
JoralvVariant form of Joralf
JorekYounger form of Jórekr
JorgGerman variant form of Jörg
JorikVariant form of Jorek
JorleifVariant form of Jorleiv
JorleivNorwegian name
JoroddNorwegian name

JorolfVariant form of Jorulf
JorolvVariant form of Jorulf
JorsteinNorwegian younger form of Iǫfurstæinn
JorulfModern form of IórulfR
JorulvVariant form of Jorulf
JosefThanks to God He (God) Will Add
JosvaNordic form of the Hebrew name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (Yehoshu'a) = 'God is salvation'
JovardNorwegian name
JudolfNorwegian name
JulNorwegian dialectal variant spelling of Gjul Gifted Artist
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