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KadorNorwegian name
KalfOld Danish and Old Swedish form of KalfR
KalvNorwegian younger form of KalfR

KanelesNorwegian dialectal variant form of Kornelius
KåreYounger form of Kári Curly
KareliusLatinised form of Karel
KarenderMale form of Karen
KarenerVariant form of Karender
KareniusVariant form of Karenus
KarensiusVariant form of Karenus
KarentiusVariant form of Karenus
KarenusMale form of Karen
KaresiusVariant form of Karensius
KårfinnNorwegian name
Kari 1Finnish short form of names ending with -kari
KarinusMale form of Karin
KarlFarmer Free Man Strong and Masculine Form of Charles Treble, Middle High German origin, meaning: free man army. In Germany, widespread since the early Middle Ages and in the 19th / 20th Century popular. In many countries, known as sovereign name. Namesakes: Charlemagne, king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor.
KarleifNorwegian name
KårleifVariant spelling of Kårleiv
KarleivVariant spelling of Karleif
KårleivNorwegian name
KarlesNordic variant form of Charles
KarlofVariant form of Karluf
KarlotNordic spelling of Charlot
KarlufNorwegian name
KårmundNorwegian name
KarnelesFormer Norwegian dialectal form of Kornelius
KarnelisFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Kornelius
KaroliusVariant form of Carolus
KarolusNordic spelling of Carolus
KarsteinNorwegian variant form of Karsten
KårsteinNorwegian name
KartonNorwegian name
KasanderCreative spelling of Kassander
KasbergFormer Norwegian variant form of Kaspar
KasperJehovah has Given Gift of God Persian origin, meaning: Treasurer. Known by the Magi. In Germany sporadically encountered.
KassanderMale form of Kassandra
KatarinusMale form of Katharina
Kato 1Nordic spelling of Cato
KatorNorwegian variant form of Kador
KatriniusVariant form of Katrinus
KatrinusMale form of Katrine (see Katrina)
KaurinNordic name derived from a surname of unknown origin and meaning

KennetJust Upright Fair Righteous
KennethHandsome Royal Oath Sprung from Fire Good-looking Fiery English name of Celtic origin, meaning: the Pretty, too: the fire from infants. Namesakes: Kenneth Branagh, British actor and film director.
KenthCreative spelling of Kent
KervelFrom a Dutch surname meaning 'chervil' (via Latin caerefolium from Greek χαιρέφυλλον (chairéfullon), lit. 'pleasant leaf')
KetilOld Danish and younger form of Ketill
KevinKind Gentle Handsome Little Gentle One Lovable Beloved Gentle Kind Comely Loved One English name of Irish origin, meaning: the Graceful. In Germany at the end of the 20th century very fashionable. Namesakes: Kevin Costner, American actor.
KikkaPet form of Christian and its variants
KikkanVariant form of Kikka
KilmarMale form of Kilma
KimmoFinnish name of unknown origin and meaning
KispingYounger form of Kispingr
KittelNorwegian dialectal variant form of Kjetil
KittilNorwegian dialectal form of Kjetil
KjartanShort form of Mýrkjartan (see Muircheartach) Sea
KjellVictorious Prince Royal Victory Nordic form of Kjetil (meaning: helmet, kettle).
KjellbergNorwegian male form of Kjellbjørg
KjellbjørnNorwegian younger form of Kætilbiǫrn
KjelldorYounger form of Kelldórr
KjellerNorwegian form of Kjellar
KjellfredNorwegian name
KjellgrimNorwegian name
KjellmarNorwegian name
KjellmodNorwegian name
KjellormYounger form of Ketilormr
KjeranVariant spelling of Kjerand
KjerandVariant spelling of Kjerrand
KjerrandNorwegian variant form of Hjarrand (see Hjarrandi)
KjerulfNorwegian younger form of Kierulf
KjervaldNorwegian variant spelling of Kjærvald
KjetelNorwegian dialectal variant form of Kjetil
KjetilNordic name, meaning: helmet, boiler. Kettle
KjostolvNorwegian variant form of Kjøstolv
KjærandVariant spelling of Kjerand
KjærvaldNorwegian name
KjølvNorwegian dialectal variant form of Tjølv
KjønikNorwegian form of Köneke
KjøstelNorwegian variant form of Kjøstol
KjøstolNorwegian variant form of Kjøstolv
KjøstolvNorwegian variant form of Tjostolv (see ÞiústulfR)
KlarinVariant spelling of Clarin
KlaringVariant form of Klarin
KlaudiVariant form of Claudius
KlausFair Haired Short form (of meaning composition: "victory" and "people") of Nicholas. In Germany the mid 20th century very popular. Namesakes: Klaus Kinski, German actor.

KlavsLow German and Frisian variant form of Klaus
KlemetOld Norse, Old Danish and modern variant form of Klemetr
KlemmertFormer Norwegian dialectal form of Klemet
KlemmetNorwegian dialectal variant form of Klemet
KlengNorwegian younger form of Klængr
KnutKnot Rejoiced Short Form of Katherine and Other Names Beginning with K Happy Pure Clear Form of Katherine Virginal Keeper of the Keys Elder Sister Nordic name, meaning suggesting the Daring, outspoken, well: descendant. Namesakes: Knut Hamsun, Norwegian writers.
KnuteFollower of Christ Nickname for Christopher Frontiersman Kit Carson Anointed Christian Nickname for Katherine Form of Catherine Pure
KnutinMale form of Knutine
KolbanusVariant spelling of Colbanus
KolbeinYounger form of Kolbeinn
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