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MaarVariant spelling of Mår
MagdalonMale form of Magdalone
MagnShort form of Magne
MagneYounger form of Magni
MagnerVariant form of Magnar

MagnfredNorwegian name
MagnorNorwegian name
MagnulfNorwegian name
MagnulvNorwegian variant form of Magnulf
MagnusGreat Noble Righteous Latin origin, meaning: the Great. Epithet of Charlemagne. In Germany spread for over 1000 years. Known as name Scandinavian kings. Namesakes: Hans Magnus Enzensberger, a German writer.
MagnvaldNorwegian name
MagnvardNorwegian name
MalakiasNordic spelling of Malachias
MaldevinNorwegian form of Maldwyn (maybe inspired by Koldevin)
MaldorNorwegian name
MaldusShort form of Amaldus
MaleniusMale form of Malena
MalfinnNorwegian name
MalfredNorwegian name
MalkomVariant form of Malkolm
MalmfinnNorwegian name
MalmfredNorwegian name
ManasseLatin spelling of the Hebrew name מְנַשֶּׁה (Menashheh) meaning 'to forget'
ManderupFrom the Danish place name Mandrup (earlier Manderup, *Manna-þorp ) in Sjælland (Zealand)
MandiusShort form of Amandius
MandorNordic name
MandrupVariant form of Manderup
MandurVariant form of Mandor
MangårVariant form of Mangor
MangorNordic name of uncertain origin and meaning. There is also a Danish surname Mangor but a relation is uncertain
MånsSwedish younger form of Maons (see Maghons) Great
MårVariant form of Mård
MarciliusVariant form of Marcelius
MårdYounger form of Mǫrðr
MareliusVariant form of Marenius
MareniusMale form of Maren
MarenoVariant form of Marenus
MarensiusVariant form of Marenius
MarentiusVariant form of Marenius
MarenusVariant form of Marenius
MargidionVariant form of Margido
MargidoMale form of Margrete (see Margreta)
MargidonVariant form of Margido
MargidorVariant form of Margido
MargonMale form of names beginning with Marg- (see Margarita)

MariaBitter Sea of Bitterness The Perfect One Sea of Sorrow Wished for Child Rebellious Star Mary Hebrew origin, Latin and Greek form of Mirjam (meaning suggesting godsend or: the fertile, also possible: the bitter, sorrowful, Unruly). A timeless popular name in many countries, widely used in Germany for five centuries. As a middle name also a protective name for boys. Namesake: Maria Callas, Greek singer.
MariniusVariant form of Marinus
MarkWar-like Mars From the God Mars Dedicated to Mars Horse
MarkvardNordic spelling of Markward
MarleifNorwegian name
MarleikNorwegian name
MarleivVariant form of Marleif
MarseliusNordic spelling of Marcelius
MarteBitter Sea of Bitterness Feminine of Marlon Variant of Marlene Woman from Magdala Mistress
MarteinNorwegian younger form of Marteinn
MårtenOld Swedish spelling of Morten Mars
MarthinCreative spelling of Martin
MarthonCreative spelling of Marton
MartinFrom the God Mars War-like Dedicated to Mars Warring
MartinesNorwegian dialectal variant form of Martinus
MartiniusVariant form of Martinus
MartinsShort form of Martinus
MarvidNorwegian name
MassVariant spelling of Mads
MatheasCreative combination of Matthias and Matthæus
MathiasVariant of Matthias Gift of the Lord Gift of God Gift Of Yahweh
MathildoVariant form of Mathildus
MathildusMale form of Mathilda (see Mahthilt)
MathsCreative spelling of Mats
Mati 1Estonian variant form of Matti
MatsLady Mistress of the House Mistress Dedicated to Mars Gift Of Yahweh
MatteusWarlike Dedicated to God Mars A Star's Name Martial From the God Mars Respectable War Like Defence Of the Sea
MatthiasGift of the Lord Greek name of Hebrew origin, meaning, God's gift. Known in the Bible as a disciple of Jesus. Long-established, popular in many languages ​​name. In Germany in the 1960s, very popular. Namesakes: Matthias Claudius, German poet.
MattinesNorwegian dialectal variant form of Martinus
MattsVariant spelling of Mats
MatzGerman short form of Matthias
MaxBy the Great Stream A Short Form of Maxwell Greatest Little Maximus Short form of Maximilian (meaning: the greatest). In Germany popular until the early 20th century now back in fashion. Known by Wilhelm Busch Lausbuben characters "Max and Moritz" (1865). Namesakes: Max Frisch, Swiss writer.
MaximiliamVariant form of Maximilian (see Maximilianus), probably influenced by William
MaximilianGreatest Latin origin, meaning: the greatest. Originally a Roman cognomen and honorary titles. Traditional name, very popular in Germany, especially in the south. Namesakes: Maximilian Schell, Swiss actor.
MaximilliamVariant form of Maximiliam
MedelaiVariant form of Menelai
MedvinNorwegian name
MeidelProbably derived from a German surname of unknown meaning
MeinikFrisian and Low German variant form of Meyneke
MekiasNorwegian variant form of Mikeas
MelkiorNordic spelling of Melchior King (Yahweh) Is Light
MenelaiVariant form (genitive) of Menelaus
MentsFrisian pet form of Old High German names beginning with Mein- (see MAGN)
MickeSwedish pet form of Mikael (see Michael)
MikaelSmall Falcon Sea Fort Who Is Like God?

MikarlNorwegian dialectal variant form of Mikal
MikeasLatin spelling of Micheas, a Greek form of Mikaja, a Hebrew name meaning 'who is like Yahweh'
MikkeFinnish spelling of Micke
MikkelWho is Like God Form of Michael Diminutive Form of Michael Like God Who Is Like God?
MikkjelNorwegian dialectal variant form of Mikkel
MildonNorwegian name
MildorNorwegian name
MiliamShort form of Maximiliam
MiliusShort form of Emilius
MilliamShort form of Maximilliam
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