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NaakveNorwegian pet form of Nikulaus (see Nikolás) in 'Kristin Lavransdatter' a trilogy of historical novels written by Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset
NakorNorwegian variant spelling of Nahor
NandorNew combination of NAND and ÞOR
NarveNorwegian younger form of Narfi
NarvidNorwegian variant form of Narve

NatelNorwegian dialectal short form of Natanael
NaverVariant form of Navar
NedolfNorwegian name
NeftonNorwegian variant form of Newton
NelbergMale form of Nelborg
NeldorNorwegian name
NeliusShort form of Cornelius
NelmarNorwegian name
NeridNorwegian younger form of Neriðr
NiasShort form of names ending with -nias
NicolajCreative spelling of Nicolai
NicolayCreative spelling of Nicolai Victory Of The People
NidarNorwegian name
NidolfNorwegian name
NidolvNorwegian variant form of Nidolf
NikulausNorwegian modern spelling of Nikulás
NikulsVariant form of Nikulas
NilasVariant form of Nils
NilbergMale form of Nilborg
NilmerVariant form of Nilmar
NilsChampion Son of Neil People of Victory Victorious Person Victory Of The People
NilseusLatinised form of Nils
NilsmundNorwegian name
NilvarVariant form of Nilvard
NilvardNorwegian name
NilvartVariant form of Nilvard
NiriNorwegian variant form of Neri
NjålNorwegian younger form of the Njáll
NjårdNorwegian variant spelling of Njord
NjordStrong Vigourous
NjædelNorwegian dialectal variant form of Njål
NjørdNorwegian variant form of Njord
NokkveNorwegian younger form of Nǫkkvi
NoralfNorwegian name
NoralvVariant spelling of Noralf
NorbergMale form of Norbjørg
NorbjørnNorwegian name
NordalNorwegian name, transferred use of the surname of the Norwegian poet Johan Nordahl Brun (1745 - 1816). The surname derives from a placename in Sunnmøre:
NordvaldVariant form of Norvald
NorfinnNorwegian name

NorfredNorwegian name
NorgrenProbably transferred use of a surname:
NorgrimNorwegian name
NorinVariant form of names containing the name element NOR
NoriusLatinised form of names containing the name element NOR
NorleifNorwegian name
NorleivVariant spelling of Norleif
NormundNorwegian name
NoroddNorwegian name
NorolfNorwegian name
NorolvVariant spelling of Norolf
NorsteinNorwegian name
NorulfVariant form of Norolf
NorulvVariant spelling of Norulf
NorvaldNorwegian name
NottingVariant form of Nottung
NottoNorwegian dialectal short form of Nottolv
NottolvNorwegian younger form of Nóttolfr
NottovNorwegian dialectal variant form of Nottolv
NottungNorwegian male form of Nótt with an -ungr-ending
NubVariant form of Nup
NupYounger form of Núpr
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