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ObergMale form of Objørg
OdbjørnVariant spelling of Oddbjørn
OddPoint Of A Sword Point Of A Weapon
OddarNordic name
OddbergNorwegian form of Oddbergur

OddbjørnNorwegian and Faroese younger form of Oddbjǫrn
OddeVariant form of Udde and Odd
OddfinnNorwegian form of Oddfinnur
OddfredNorwegian form of Oddfreður
OddgarNorwegian variant spelling of Oddgard
OddgardNorwegian new male form of Oddgerðr
OddgeirYounger form of Oddgeirr
OddgrimNorwegian name
OddkjellNorwegian younger form of Oddkell
OddleifYounger form of Oddleifr
OddleikNorwegian name
OddleivVariant form of Oddleif
OddmarYounger form of Oddmarr
OddmundPoint Of A Sword
OddmunnVariant spelling of Oddmund
OddneVariant spelling of Ådne
OddsteinNorwegian form of Oddsteinn
OddulvNorwegian younger form of UddulfR
OddvaldNorwegian form of Oddvaldur
OddvarYounger form of Uddvarr
OddvardNorwegian name
OddvinNorwegian name
OddvindVariant form of Oddvin
OdgeirFormer Norwegian variant form of Audgeir
OdhinnFormer variant form of Audin (see *Auðvin)
OdleifVariant dialectal variant spelling of Oddleif
OdmarVariant spelling of Oddmar
OdmundVariant spelling of Oddmund
OdneVariant spelling of Ådne
OdolfOld High German name
OdolvVariant spelling of Odolf
OdulfFormer Anglo-Scandinavian form of AuðulfR
OdulvVariant spelling of Odulf
OdvarVariant spelling of Oddvar
OdvinNorwegian variant spelling of Oddvin
OfferShort form of Kristoffer
OgmundYounger form of Ǫgmundr
OgneNorwegian dialectal variant form (Halvemål) of Hogne
OhleFrisian variant spelling of Ole

OlafAncestor's Descendent From the Island of Linden Trees Linden Tree Near the Water Pool on an Island Norse origin, meaning: heritage of the ancestors. Known as the Norwegian royal name. Namesakes: St. Olaf, king and patron saint of Norway.. In Scandinavia timelessly popular name, also in Germany spread.
OlaiGenitive form of Olaus (see Olavus) Ancestor's Descendant
OlavWork Strength Of a Thousand Saints English Cognate of Melisande Highborn Power Strong Work Industrious Brave Strong Worker Eyes Ancestor's Descendant
OlavesVariant form of Olavus
OlaviusVariant form of Olavus
OlbertNorwegian name
OlbjørnNorwegian younger form of Ǫlbjǫrn
OldemarVariant form of Waldemar
OldinMale form of Oldine
OldusShort form of names ending with -old, -oldus
OleDark Stream Dark River Dweller by the Dark Stream Black Water Black Green Blue Danish, Norwegian short form of Olaf (meaning: heritage of the ancestors) Short form of names with "Od", "Ol 'or' Ul '(meaning: home). Namesakes: Ole von Beust, German politician.
OleifYounger form of ÓlæifR
OleivVariant spelling of Oleif
OlferdVariant form of Olfert
OlfredNorwegian name
OlgarMale form of Olga
OlgardVariant form of Olgar
OlgartVariant form of Olgard
OlgeirVariant form of Olger
OlgerMale form of Olga
OliniusVariant form of Olinus
OlinusMale form of Olina
OliverOlive Tree Elf Army The Biblical Olive Tree Symbolizes Fruitfulness and Beauty and Dignity Extending an Olive Branch Signifies an Offer of Peace Name of Tree which Gives Olive Oil Old French origin, meaning: oil tree formerly Nordic, Germanic origin. In the UK and Germany widespread. Known from Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist" (1837/38). Namesakes: Oliver Stone, American film director.
OliviusMale form of Olivia
OliwerCreative spelling of Oliver
OllvarVariant spelling of Olvar
OlmannNorwegian pet form of Ole (see Óli) and its variant forms:
OlmarNorwegian name
OlmodYounger form of Ǫlmóðr
OluffCreative spelling of Oluf
OlvaldNorwegian younger form of Ǫlvaldr
OlvarNorwegian name
OlvardNorwegian name
OlveNorwegian younger form of ǪlvéR
OlverNorwegian younger form of ǪlvéR
OmfredNorwegian form of Humphrey
OmmundVariant form of Ogmund (see *Agilamunduz)
OmodNorwegian younger form of an unknown Old Norse name, a combination of an unknown first element and MOD
OmundVariant spelling of Ommund
OnarYounger form of Ónarr
OrdinNorwegian variant form of Ordvin (see Ortwin)
OrdvinNorwegian form of Ortwin
OrmOld Danish, Old Swedish and younger form of OrmR
OrreOld Swedish form of Orri
OrvaldNorwegian younger form of *Ǫrvaldr

OskarDivine Spear Gentle Friend Spear of the Gods Old High German, Celtic origin, Nebenform of Ansgar (meaning composition of "God" and "spear"). Known as the Swedish royal name, and by the figure of Oskar Matzerath in Günter Grass' novel "The Tin Drum" (1959). Namesakes: Oskar Kokoschka, Austrian painter.
OsoShort form of names containing the name element AS
OsovFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Åsulv
OsuFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Åsulv
OsulFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Åsulv
OsuldNorwegian dialectal variant form of Åsulv
OsulvFormer Norwegian variant form of Åsulv
OsuvFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Åsulv
OsvaldPossibly Divine Power God Power
OsvivNorwegian younger form of Ósvífr
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