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SabbeSami sabbe = 'staff'
SakariasNordic form of Zacharias
SakarjaNordic spelling of the Hebrew name זְכַרְיָה (Zecharyah)
SakkeusNordic form of Zakæus
SaksbjørnNorwegian younger form of Saxbjǫrn

SakseDanish and Norwegian younger form of Saxi
SaksulvNorwegian younger form of Sǫxulfr
SalemonNorwegian dialectal variant form of Salomon
SalmNorwegian form of Salmo Peace
SalmarVariant form of Sólmar
SalmundOld Danish, Old Swedish and younger form of Salmundr
SalomonPeaceful Variant of Shalom biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning: happiness, peace. Known in the Bible as a king of Israel and Judah proverbially famous for his wisdom (judgment of Solomon).
SalveOld Swedish and Norwegian younger form of Salvi (see Sǫlvi)
SalvigVariant form of Salve
Sammi 1Variant form of Samme
SamuelName Of God God is Heard Asked of God Told by God Name of One of the King in Bible Follower of Jesus Hebrew origin, meaning: heard by God. In the Bible, the first prophet who anointed David king on behalf of God. Timeless, in the English language popular name in Germany rare. Namesakes: Samuel Beckett, Irish playwright.
SåmundNorwegian dialectal variant form of Salmund
SandbergTransferred use of the surname, originally a place name
SanderDefender of Man Man's Defender Short form of Alexander (Meaning: Protector).
SandfredVariant form of Sannfred
SandfridVariant form of Sannfrid
SandolvNorwegian younger form of SandulfR
SandovNorwegian variant form of Sandolv
SandrupTransferred use of a Danish surname, originally a place name
SanfridVariant spelling of Sannfrid
SannfredNorwegian form of Sannfrid
SåveNorwegian dialectal variant form of Salve
SåviNorwegian dialectal variant form of Salve
SchjønningVariant spelling of Schønning
SchønningTransferred use of the German surname Schöning meaning 'handsome person'
SebastianFrom Sebaste Man from Sebaste Which was a City in Asia Revered Majestic Vehement Protector Greek origin, meaning: the Exalted, also: man from Sebaste. In many languages ​​and Fomen timeless favorite. Namesakes: Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer.
SebjørnVariant form of Sæbjørn (see Sǽbiǫrn)
SebulonNordic spelling of Zebulon
SedeniusVariant form of Sidenius
SedevardVariant form of Sedvard
SedolfNorwegian name
SedolvVariant form of Sedolf
SedorNorwegian name
SedrikCreative spelling of Cedric
SedvardNorwegian name
SedvartVariant form of Sedvard
SefaniasNordic form of Zephanija
SefanjaNordic spelling of Zephanija
SefeniasNordic variant form of Sefanias
SefinnNorwegian variant form of Sæfinn

SelbjørnNorwegian modern form of Salbjǫrn
SeldorNorwegian name
SeliusShort form of Marselius (see Marcellius)
SemingNorwegian variant form of Sæming
Semmi 1Finnish pet form of Selmi
SemmingNorwegian variant form of Seming
SemundOld Danish and modern form of Sǽmundr
SeppoFinnish seppä = 'smith'
SeriniusMale form of Serina
SerkveVariant form of Sverker
SeusShort form of Eliseus
SevalVariant form of Sevald Maybe Be Loved
SevaldVariant form of Sigvald (see Sigvaldr)
SevardNorwegian name
SevatNorwegian dialectal variant form of Sigvat
SeverinSevere River in England Stern Strict Restrained A Saint's Name Latin origin, Nebenform of Severus (meaning: the rigor, seriousness). Namesakes: St. Severin, bishop of Cologne..
SevreNorwegian short form of Severin
SevriFormer Norwegian short form of Severin
SideniusNorwegian name of uncertain meaning, theories include
SiegfredVariant form of Siegfried (see Sigifrith)
SigbjørnNorwegian and Faroese younger form of Sigbiǫrn
SigbrandOld Swedish and younger form of *Sigbrandr
SigfastOld Swedish and younger form of Sigfastr
SigfinnNorwegian name
SigfriedVariant spelling of Siegfried
SigfusYounger form of Sigfúss
SiggardYounger form of Siggarðr
SiggautNorwegian younger form of Siggautr
SiggeirYounger form of SiggæiRR
SigleifYounger form of Sigleifr
SigleikNorwegian name
SigleivVariant spelling of Sigleif
SigmarYounger form of Sighmar and Sigmarr (see SigimāraR)
SignarNordic name
SignorNorwegian name
SigrekNorwegian younger form of SigríkR
SigstenVariant spelling of Sighsten
SigtorYounger form of Sigþórr
SigtryggSwedish younger form of Sightrygg
SigurdVictory Sun Child Bright Sun
SigvaldOld Swedish and younger form of Sigvaldr
SigvaldeYounger form of Sigvaldi
SigvarVariant form of Sigvard (see Sigiwart)
SigvartVariant form of Sigvard
SigvatOld Swedish and younger form of Sighvatr

SigveVariant form of Sigvid Victory
SigvedVariant form of Sigvid
SigvidYounger form of Sighvidh Victory
SiliusDanish variant spelling of Cilius
SimåNorwegian dialectal variant form of Simon
SimenHe (God) Has Heard
SimonHe Has Heard Listening Intently He who has Heard The Word of God To Hear or be Heard
SimundNorwegian variant form of Sigmund (see Sigmundr)
SingdahlFormer variant spelling of Singdal
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