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VagnOld Norse name and byname
VajulNorwegian variant form of Valtjov
ValbjørnNorwegian and Faroese modern form of Valbjǫrn
ValdShort form of names containing the name element VALD
ValdemarGod is My Light My Light is Yahweh Rule

ValdorNordic name
ValdusLatinised short form of names containing the name element VALD
ValentinGarment Maker Tucker of Cloth Latin origin, meaning: the healthy, strong. Long-established name, especially in southern Germany distributed. Namesakes: St. Valentine of Terni, Christian martyr and saint of lovers . According to him, Valentine's Day (14 February), is named.
ValfredVariant form of Valfrid
ValgardNorwegian younger form of Valgarðr
ValgautNorwegian younger form of Valgautr
ValgeirNordic name
ValmarShort form of Valdemar
ValtherNordic spelling of Walther
ValtjovNorwegian younger form of Valþjófr
VandrådNorwegian younger form of Vandráðr
VanjaThunder Ruler Puller Follower of Thor Stubborn Derivative of the Scandinavian God of Battle Tyr Tuesday was Named for Tyr Wave Italian, Swedish form of Vanya.
VardjuNorwegian variant form of Vardjuv
VardjuvNorwegian variant form of Valtjov
VasteVariant form of Faste
VebjørnNorwegian younger form of Víbiǫrn Devoted
VebrandNorwegian younger form of Vébrandr
VefrødNorwegian younger form of Véfrøðr
VegarVariant form of Vegard
VegardNorwegian younger form of Végarðr Fence
VegeirNorwegian younger form of Végeirr
VeggerNorwegian dialectal variant form of Vegeir
VehjelmNorwegian younger form of VíhialmR
VeiuldNorwegian dialectal variant form of Vigulv
VeiulfNorwegian variant form of Vigulv
VekjellNorwegian younger form of Vékell
VeleikNorwegian name
VeleivNorwegian younger form of Véleifr
VelekNorwegian variant form of Vigleik
VelikNorwegian variant form of Vigleik
VeljorNorwegian variant form of Valtjov
VelleNorwegian dialectal variant form of Vetle
VellekNorwegian variant form of Vigleik
VellikNorwegian variant form of Vigleik
VellumNorwegian variant form of Villum
VemundYounger form of Vémundr Devoted
VendelNordic spelling of Wendel
VermundYounger form of Vermundr
VernerSmall Little Warni

VernikPet form of Verner
VeseteNorwegian younger form of Véseti
VeslefrikkNorwegian name
VesselNordic spelling of Wessel
VestarYounger form of Vestarr
VesteinNorwegian younger form of Vésteinn
VeteFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Vetle
VetleNorwegian younger form of Vetrliði
VetteNorwegian dialectal variant form of Vetle
VexelDanish name of unknown origin and meaning
ViarNorwegian dialectal variant form of Vidar
VidarWide Nordic name, meaning composition of "forest" and "Army". Known from Norse mythology, the son of Odin. Warrior
VidkunVariant form of Vidkunn
VidkunnNorwegian younger form of Víðkunnr
VierFormer Norwegian variant form of Vidar
VigarYounger form of Vígarr
VigbjørnNorwegian younger form of Vígbiǫrn
VigerOld Swedish and younger form of VígæiRR
VigfastNorwegian younger form of Vígfastr
VigfusYounger form of Vígfúss
ViggerNorwegian dialectal variant form of Vegeir
ViggoWar Goddess of Love and Beauty Love Danish form of Viktor (meaning: Winner).
VigkvatNorwegian younger form of Víghvatr
ViglaugNorwegian younger form of Víglaugr
VigleikNorwegian younger form of VíglæikR
VigleivNorwegian name
VigmundOld Swedish and younger form of Vígmundr
VigrådNorwegian younger form of Vígráðr
VigsteinNorwegian younger form of Vígsteinn
VigulfOld Swedish and younger form of VígulfR
VigulvNorwegian younger form of VígulfR
VigvaldNorwegian younger form of Vígvaldr
ViktorStrong Courageous Healthy Latin origin, meaning: Winner Originally a Roman cognomen. In Germany only rarely awarded. Known as name of several saints. Namesakes. St. Viktor of Xanten.
VilbertNordic spelling of Wilbert
VilgeirYounger form of Vilgeirr
VilhardShort form of Villehard
ViljarEstonian male form of Vilja
ViljenNorwegian variant form of Vilhelm
VilkenNordic spelling of Wilken
VilladsDanish short form of Willehadus
VillakNorwegian variant form of Vigleik
VillarMale form of Villa
VillarsVariant form of Villads (see Willehad)
VillasVariant form of Villads

VilliamNordic spelling of William
VillumDanish short form of Vilhelm Will
VillyNordic spelling of Willy
VilmarOld High German origin, meaning: the very famous.
VilmerNordic spelling of Wilmer
VilmundNorwegian younger form of Vilmundr
VilrekYounger form of *Vilrekr
VindarNordic name
VinjarNordic name
VinsentsNorwegian form of Vincentius
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