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WaldemarRule Famous Ruler Old High German origin, meaning: famous rulers. Known as name of Danish kings.
WaldusVariant spelling of Valdus
WalterRuler Of The Army People of Power Powerful Warrior Commander of the Army Old High German origin, also English name, meaning composition of "reign" and "Army". In Germany, for over 1000 years spread, now rare. Namesakes: Walther von der Vogelweide, Middle High German poet.
WebjørnCreative spelling of Vebjørn
WernerGuard War-land Brave Fight From the Land by the Highway The Mythological Scandinavian Wayland was a Blacksmith with Supernatural Powers War Territory Battlefield Old High German origin, meaning composition of "warn" and "army", leaning against the trunk of the warning. Traditional, timeless name, rare in the 21st century. Namesakes: Werner Egk, German composer.

WestyVariant form of Westye
WestyeDanish variant form of Westi
WexelCreative spelling of Vexel
WictorCreative spelling of Victor
WilhardusLatinised form of Wilhard
WincentCreative spelling of Vincent
WinsjansCreative spelling of Vinsjans
WittusCreative spelling of Vittus
WollertCreative spelling of Vollert
WolmarVariant spelling of Volmar
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