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AaseDanish variant spelling of Åse
AasgjerdVariant spelling of Åsgjerd
AavetVariant spelling of Ovet
AbeluShort form of Abelone
AbelunShort form of Abelone

AbluShort form of Abelone
AblunShort form of Abelone
AbrahamineVariant form of Abrahamina
ÅdelNorwegian form of Adela
AdeleideVariant spelling of Adelaide
AdelusFormer Norwegian variant form of Adaliz
AdlaSwedish short form of Adela Justice
AdlaugVariant form of Arnlaug
AdrianFrom Adria-a North Italian City Dark One From Hadria Man from Etruscan city, Hadria the Adriatic from the stem end. Timeless name that has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the form known as Pope Hadrian Name
ÅfridYounger form of Áfríðr
AgateNordic spelling of Agathe
AgatheBlack Dark Of the Adriatic Greek origin, meaning: the Good. In Germany, known for a millennium. Namesake: Agatha Christie, British crime writer.
AgdisOld Swedish form (and new Norwegian combination) of Ádís
ÅgesineNorwegian name
AggaPet form of Agathe
AggiVariant form of Agga
AgneVariant form of Agna
AgnesChaste Pure Tortured Virginal Unsullied Latin or Greek origin, meaning: the Pure. In Germany spread for a millennium and unchanged popular. Known among others by Friedrich Hebbel's tragedy "Agnes Bernauer" (1852). Namesake: Agnès Varda, French film director.
AgnethaIn addition to the form of Agnes (meaning: the Pure). Namesake: Agnetha Fältskog, Swedish singer in ABBA.
AgnhildSwedish and Norwegian name inspired by Ragnhild (see Ragnhildr)
AgnoNorwegian name of uncertain origin and meaning
AgnoraNorwegian name
AgnyNorwegian new combination of AGN and NY
ÅgotNorwegian form of Agathe
ÅgotaVariant form of Ågot
ÅgoteVariant form of Ågot
ÅgunVariant spelling of Ågunn
ÅgunnNorwegian name
AidShort form of Aida
AkselianeFemale form of Aksel
AkselineFemale form of Aksel
AladineNorwegian name of unknown origin and meaning
ÅlaugNorwegian new combination, maybe a younger form of Ólaug
AlbjørgFaroese short form of Aðalbjørg (see Adalburg)
AldeVariant form of Alda
ÅleivVariant form of Oleif
AletLow German variant form of Alhet
AlfhildElf Truth
AlfineVariant form of Alfina

AllaugVariant form of Arnlaug
AlletteVariant spelling of Alette
AlmineVariant form of Almina
AlotteNorwegian name
ÅlovNorwegian younger form of Álǫf
AlrikkeFemale form of Alrik
AlsineFemale form of Alsing
AlvdisNorwegian modern form of Alfdís
AlvfinnaModern variant form of Alffinna
AlvfridNorwegian name
AlvgjerdNorwegian modern form of Alfgerðr
AlvheidNorwegian modern form of Alfheiðr
AlvhildVariant form of Alfhild
AlvhildeNorwegian variant form of Alvhild Elf
AlvlaugNorwegian younger form of Alflaug
AlvnyNorwegian modern form of Alfný
AlvrunNorwegian variant form of Alfrun
AmagdaExtended form of Magda
AmagnaExtended form of Magna
AmbjørgNorwegian modern form of Arnbjǫrg
AmborgWest Swedish and Norwegian modern form of Arnbjǫrg
AmundaFemale form of Amund
AmundineFemale form of Amund
AnbjørgVariant form of Arnbjørg
AnborgVariant form of Annborg
AndineVariant form of Ande
AneberteVariant form of Annaberta
AnemarjaVariant form of Annemarie
AnemartaVariant form of Annemarte
AneteCreative spelling of Annette
AnetheCreative spelling of Annette
AnfineFemale form of Anfinn
AnfridVariant spelling of Annfrid
AngerdVariant spelling of Anngerd
AngjerdVariant spelling of Anngjerd
AnhildVariant spelling of Annhild
AnickenVariant form of Anicke
AnineVariant form of Anina He (God) Was Gracious
AnjeVariant form of Antje
AnkiShort form of Annkristin
AnlaugVariant spelling of Annlaug
AnnaName of a King Food Grain Earth and Water God is Gracious God has Shown Favour Angel Elder Brother Grace Full of Grace God has Favoured Me Mother Favour and Grace Eagle

AnnbjørgVariant form of Arnbjørg
AnnborgModern form of Anborgh (see Arnbjǫrg)
AnnebethNew combination of ANN and BET
AnnebritVariant spelling of Annebritt
AnnebrittVariant form of Annbritt
AnnegreteDanish name
AnnekenLow German variant form of Anneke
AnnelaVariant form of Annhild
AnnelenVariant form of Annalena
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