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CaisaCreative spelling of Kajsa
CamillaYoung Ceremonial Attendant Helper to the Priest Free-born Noble Variant of Camilla Attendant for a Temple Religious Attendant of Temple English and Italian name feminine form of Camillus (meaning: the honorable births). Namesake: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
CanutteFemale form of Canutus
CarolineLittle and Womanly Song of Happiness Female Version of Charles Carl Joy Beautiful Woman Little Diminutive with Royal Connotations Extension of Carola also English and French form. Namesake: Caroline Link, German film director.

CathincaCreative spelling of Katinka
CathinkaCreative spelling of Katinka
CathrineLittle and Womanly Joy Song of Happiness Feminine Variant of Charles Maybe The Pure
CatinkaCreative spelling of Katinka
CecilieA Feminine Form of Cecil Blind
CeselieCreative spelling of Cecilie
ChaimaFemale form of Chaim
ChalotteCreative spelling of Charlotte
ChanettCreative spelling of Jeanette
ChatarinaCreative spelling of Katharina
ChatrinCreative spelling of Katrin
ChatrineCreative spelling of Katrine
ChristenseDanish variant spelling of Christence
ChristinaAnointed Anointed Christian Form of Christopher Christ-bearer Beautiful Christian Greek or Latin origin, timeless and popular addition to the form of Christiane (meaning: belonging to Christ, the Anointed One). Namesakes Inside: St. Christina of Bolsena . Queen Christina of Sweden.
ChristineFollower of Christ Beautiful Christian Christian Faith Greek or Latin origin, since the Middle Ages popular addition to the form of Christiane (meaning: belonging to Christ, the Anointed One). Namesake: Christine Nöstlinger, Austrian writer.
CicilieVariant form of Cecilie
CilieVariant form of Cilia
CiljaVariant form of Cilia
CiljeVariant form of Cilie
CisselVariant spelling of Sissel
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