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FeiOld High German pet form of Sophie (see Sophia)
FemjaShort form of Euphemia
FemmaVariant form of Femja
FieVariant form of Fia
FinnlaugIcelandic name

FransineVariant form of Fransina
FransiskaNordic spelling of Francisca
FransvisFormer Norwegian form of Françoise
FredbjørgNorwegian variant form of Fridbjørg
FredgjerdNorwegian younger form of Friðgerðr
FredhildNorwegian variant form of Fridhild
FredlaugNorwegian variant form of Fridlaug
FredlyNordic name
FredmøyNorwegian form of Friðmey
FrednyNorwegian and Swedish form of Friðný
FredrikkeVariant form of Frederikke
FredvorNorwegian name
FreidisVariant spelling of Freydis
FreidunnNorwegian name
FriaVariant form of Frida
FridModern form of Fríðr
FridaPeace Peaceful Ruler Counsel from the Elves Diminutive of Frederic Elf Supernatural Counsel Power Strong Peace Holy Peacemaking Nordic form of Frieda Short form of names with "Fried". Namesake: Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter.
FridbjørgDanish and Norwegian variant form of Fridborg
FridborgVariant form of Frideborg
FrideVariant form of Frida Peace
FridgjerdFormer Norwegian modern form of Friðgerðr
FridgunnNorwegian name
FridlaugNorwegian name
FridtjofDanish, Norwegian form of Frithjof (meaning: Prince of Peace). Namesakes: Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian polar explorer and philanthropist.
FridtjoffaNorwegian female form of Fridtjof
FridunnNorwegian name
FrydVariant form of Frid (see Fríðr)
FrøidisCreative spelling of Frøydis
FrøkenNorwegian form of Freuchen, Freichen and their variant forms
FrøyShort form of Frøya
FrøyaNorwegian form of Freyja Mistress
FrøydisModern spelling of Frøydís
FøbeDanish spelling of Phoebe
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