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GabrikeNorwegian female form of Gabriel
GardiaFemale form of Gard
GaukjeEast Frisian pet form of Gauwe
GaulaNorwegian variant form of Gulla
GauthildNorwegian modern form of Gauthildr

GedineNorwegian name
GehardaVariant form of Gebharda
GehardineVariant form of Geharda (see Gebharda)
GeiraOld Norse variant spelling and modern form of GæiRa
GeirfridNorwegian younger form of GæiRfríðr
GeirhildYounger form of GæiRhildr
GeiridNorwegian younger form of Geirríðr
GeirlaugOld Norse variant form of GæiRlaug
GeirnyNorwegian younger form of Geirný
GeirridNorwegian younger form of Geirríðr
GeirtrudNorwegian younger form of Geirþrúðr
GeirunnNorwegian younger form of GæiRunnr
GeirvildNorwegian name
GemandaNorwegian name
GerdnyNorwegian name
GerdurDanish form of Gerður
GernyVariant form of Geirny
GinaPowerful Mother of Black People Well Born Race of Women Powerful Woman White Wave Queen A Girl from the Farm Virgin Silvery Pure Variant of Regina Italian name, feminine form of Gino Short form of Regina (meaning Queen) Indian name, meaning: the Silvery African name, meaning: forceful mother of blacks. Namesake: Gina Lollobrigida, Italian actress.
GiskeVariant form of Gjeske
GiskenVariant form of Gjesken
GislaugNorwegian younger form of Gíslaug
GitlaugNorwegian dialectal variant form of Gislaug
GittiPet form of Gitta
GjellauNorwegian dialectal variant form of Geirlaug
GjendineFrom the name of the lake Gjende in Jotunheimen/Norway deriving from Old Norse gandr = 'magic staff' (due to the long shape of the lake)
GjerkeNorwegian spelling of Gerke
GjertineFemale form of Gjert
GjertrudNorwegian variant spelling of Gertrud
GjesaNorwegian spelling of Gesa
GjeseniaNorwegian dialectal variant form of Gjesine
GjesineNorwegian spelling of Gesine
GjeskeNorwegian spelling of Geske
GjeskenPet form of Gjeske
GjetleneNorwegian variant spelling of Jetlene
GjevjonNorwegian modern form of Gefjon
GjøaNorwegian dialectal variant form of Gyda
GjørginaNorwegian variant spelling of Jørgina
GjøriNorwegian dialectal variant form of Gyrid

GjøridNorwegian dialectal variant form of Gyrid
GjørilVariant spelling of Gøril
GjørildNorwegian variant spelling of Gørild
GjørvelNorwegian spelling of Gørvel
GoerFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Guðvǫr
GoletteVariant form of Golla
GollaugFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Gullaug
GoneFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Gunne
GonneFormer Norwegian dialectal form of Gunne
GonnorVariant form of Gunvor
GorineVariant form of Gurine
GottliebeFemale form of Gottlieb
GregineFemale form of Greger
GretePearl Short form of Margarete (meaning: Pearl). In Germany until the mid-20th century spread. Namesake: Grete Schickedanz, German entrepreneur.
GrethePowerful Mother of Black People Well Born Race of Women Powerful Woman White Wave Queen A Girl from the Farm Virgin Silvery Pure Variant of Regina The Pearl
GrithVariant spelling of Grit
GroaOld Swedish and younger form of Gróa
GudbjørgNorwegian and Faroese younger form of Guðbjǫrg
GudborgModern form of Gudhborg
GudfinnaYounger form of Guðfinna
GudfridNorwegian younger form of Guðfríðr
GudlaugYounger form of Guðlaug
GudleivNorwegian younger form of Guðleif
GudmandaFemale form of Gudmann (see Guðmann)
GudmundGod Norse origin, meaning composition of "God" and "careful".
GudmundaFemale form of Gudmund
GudnyYounger form of Guðný
GudridYounger form of Guðríðr
GudrunGod's Secret Lore Beauty of Form Charm Love and Protection of God Unmerited Favor Graceful Blessing Good will Nordic origin, meaning composition. "God" and "secret". In Norse legend Gudrun is the equivalent of Kriemhild in "Song of the Nibelungs". Namesake: Gudrun Landgrebe, German actress.
GudrundDanish variant form of Gudrun
GudunnNorwegian name
GudveYounger form of Guðvé (see Guðví)
GudveigNorwegian and Swedish younger form of Guðveig
GudvorYounger form of Guðvǫr
GulbjørgNorwegian dialectal variant form of Gudbjørg
GuldborgDanish variant spelling of Gullborg
GuldisVariant spelling of Gulldis
GuleneVariant form of Gulline
GulinaVariant form of Guline
GulineVariant form of Gulline
GullaugVariant form of Guðlaug
GullbjørgVariant form of Gudbjørg

GullborgYounger form of Gudhborg
GulldisNorwegian and Swedish name
GulliVariant form of Gulla
GullineVariant form of Gulla
GullovnaVariant form of Gulovna
GulluVariant form of Gulla
GullueVariant spelling of Gullu
GullveigOld Norse name
GullyVariant form of Gulli
GulognaVariant form of Gulovna
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