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HåberaModern form of Hábera
HagaShort form of combinations containing the name element HAG
HagineFemale form of Hagen
HågineVariant form of Hågen (see Hákon)
HagnyYounger form of Hagný

HagrunNorwegian name
HakatlaVariant form of Hallkatla (see Hallkell)
HåkatlaVariant form of Hakatla
HaldoraVariant spelling of Halldora
HaldriNorwegian dialectal variant form of Hallfrid
HaldridNorwegian dialectal variant form of Hallfrid
HalfridVariant spelling of Hallfrid
HalfridaVariant spelling of Hallfrida
HalgerdVariant spelling of Hallgerd
HalgjerdVariant spelling of Hallgjerd
HallaugNorwegian name
HallberaOld Norse female form of Hallbiǫrn
HallbjørgYounger form of Hallbjǫrg
HalldisYounger form of Halldís
HalldoraNorwegian younger form of Halldóra
HallfridNorwegian younger form of Hallfríðr
HallfridaVariant form of Hallfrid
HallgjerdNorwegian younger form of Hallgerðr
HallgunnNorwegian and Faroese name
HallkatlaFemale form of Hallkell
HallridNorwegian younger form of Hallríðr
HallvardaFemale form of Hallvard (see Hallvarðr)
HallveigOld Norse name
HallvorYounger form of Hallvǫr
HallvordineFemale form of Hallvor
HalløyNorwegian younger form of Halley
HalvaraVariant form of Halvarda
HalvardRock Guardian In addition to the form of Halvar (meaning composition of "rock" and "guardian"). In Norway widespread.
HalvardaVariant spelling of Hallvarda
HalvordineVariant spelling of Hallvordine
HandineNorwegian name
HankenPet form of Hanna
HanneliFinnish pet form of Hanna
HannikenLow German pet form of Hanna
HansiaVariant form of Hansa
HansinaFemale form of Hans:

HansineVariant form of Hansina Yahweh Is Gracious
HansyVariant form of Hansa
HardineVariant form of Harda
HardisNorwegian name
HarietVariant spelling of Harriet
HarmaFrisian female form of Harmann (see Herman)
HarmikeFrisian pet form of Harma
HarpaOld Norse harpa = 'harp' and 'Lyra' (astrology), but most likely it is taken from the old name of the first summer month in Iceland
HartovikeVariant form of Hartvike
HartuvikeVariant form of Hartvike
HartvikeNorwegian female form of Hartvik (see Hartwig)
HåverineNorwegian female form of Håver
HavtoraNorwegian younger form of Hafþóra
HedaPet form of German names beginning with Hed- (see HAD) Fight
HedevigNordic spelling of Hedewig
HednyNorwegian name
HedrunNorwegian name
HedvigTree Name Fight
HedvikVariant form of Hedvig
HeidYounger form of Heiðr
HeidiValley Valley in the Mountains From Glen Glen is a Narrow Valley Between Hills Pet form of Adelheid (meaning: of noble figure) and Heidrun (meaning composition of "shape" and "Secret"). Known by Johanna Spyri's children's book "Heidi" (1880/81). Namesake: Heidi Klum, German model.
HeidnyNorwegian form of Heiðný
HeimlaugOld Norse variant spelling of Hæimlaug
HeklaFrom the name of the active volcano in southwest Iceland Cloak
HelandreaNorwegian name
HelbjørgNorwegian dialectal variant form of Hallbjørg
HelenaLight Torch Sun Ray Corposant Bright One Shine One Spiritual Light
HeleneLight Torch In Mythology the Abduction of Zeus's Mortal Daughter Helen Sparked the Trojan War Bright One Sun Ray Shine One Greek origin, meaning: the Shining. Timeless, popular in Germany since the Middle Ages name. Known from Greek mythology as the beautiful Helen, on whose behalf the Trojan War broke out. Since then revered symbol of ancient beauty. Namesake: Helene Weigel, German-Austrian actress and theater director.
HelfridFemale form of the German male name Helfried
HelfridaVariant form of Helfrid
HelgNorwegian dialectal variant form of Helga
HelgaHoly Sacred Faithful Successful Nordic origin, feminine form of Helge (meaning: the saint, also: the Intact). In Germany until the mid-20th century spread.
HelgineVariant form of Helgina
HelgunnNorwegian name
HelineNorwegian dialectal variant form of Helina
HeljeVariant form of Helja
HeljøNorwegian dialectal variant form of Helja
HelkenFrisian and Low German variant form of Helke
HelkjeFrisian and Low German variant form of Helke
HellbjørgNorwegian dialectal variant form of Hallbjørg
HelleDanish variant form of Hella Holy
HellfridVariant form of Helfrid
HelliVariant form of Hella

HelmaraFemale form of Helmar
HelnyNordic name
HeloviseNorwegian form of Héloïse
HelseNorwegian dialectal variant form (Halvemål) of Else
HelvigNordic form of Heilwig
HemingineFormer female variant form of Heming (see HæmingR)
HendrikkeVariant form of Hendrike
HennikaNordic variant form of Hennike
HenningeFemale form of Henning
HenningeaNorwegian dialectal form of Henninge
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