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IbenDanish name Maybe The Archer
IdShort form of Ida
IdaWork Labour Name of a King A Stream of Praise A Period of Time Prosperous Happy Woman Thirst Goodness Knowledge A Nymph Hard Working This Moment Insight Planet Earth Industrious Diligent Norman Origin independent short form of names with "Id," meaning presumably: Woman also: work, the seer Irish name meaning: the thirst for knowledge. Particularly widespread in Scandinavia. Namesake: Ida Ehre, German actress and director.
IddaVariant form of Ida
IddePet form of Ida

IdunnYounger form of Iðunnr
IdunnaFormer younger form of Iðunnr
IkraNordic spelling of Iqra Recite Read
IldriNorwegian dialectal variant form of Ildrid
IldridNorwegian dialectal variant form of Eldrid
IloneVariant form of Ilona
ImbjørgNorwegian dialectal variant form of Ingeborg
ImerenseNorwegian variant form of Imerentse
ImerentseNorwegian variant form of Emerentse
ImmerlinFormer variant form of Irmelin
InaLord Surya Mother Short form of names ending in "ina" Indian name, meaning: mother African name, meaning: mother of the rain.
InandaShort form of Ferdinanda
IndianeVariant form of Indiana
IndianneVariant form of Indiana
IndineNorwegian variant form of Inda, India and Indiana
IndreVariant form of Indra
IngaGod of Fertility and Peace Beautiful He who is Foremost God of Peace and Prosperity Nordic short form of names with "Ing" (meaning similar to the Germanic god Ingwio).
IngalillSwedish name
IngaraVariant form of Inga
IngartaFormer variant form of Ingerta
IngbertaFemale form of Ingbert
IngbertineVariant form of Ingberta
IngbrannaNorwegian name
IngdisNorwegian name
IngdoraNorwegian younger form of Ingiþóra
IngeFair Bow White Ring Blessed Ring Goddess of the Moon Resolute Protector Strong Helmet Diminutive of Wilhelmina Safe Peace Well Born Noble Will Helmet Protect Air Germanized form of Inga (meaning similar to the Germanic god Ingwio) Short form of Ingeborg. In Germany, a popular in the first half of the 20 th century name that was also frequently used as part of a double name. Namesake: Inge Meysel, German actress.
IngebjørNorwegian dialectal variant form of Ingebjørg
IngebjørgYounger form of Ingibjǫrg
IngeborDialectal variant form of Ingeborg
IngeborgHelp Save Rescue Fair Bow White Ring Blessed Ring Goddess of the Moon Nordic name Old High German origin, meaning composition, "Inge" (meaning similar to the Germanic god Ingwio) and "protection". Namesake: Ingeborg Drewitz, German writer. Popular in Germany in the early 20th century.
IngedisVariant form of Ingdis
IngefridYounger form of Ingifríðr
IngegerdEnclosure Protection
IngegerdaVariant form of Ingegerd
IngegjerdNorwegian younger form of Ingigærðr
IngegjerdaFormer variant form of Ingegjerd
IngelaugNorwegian younger form of Ingilaug
IngeleivNorwegian younger form of Ingilæif
IngelilVariant spelling of Ingelill
IngelillNorwegian variant form of Ingalill

IngelinNew combination of ING and LIN
IngelineVariant form of Ingelin
IngeliseDanish and German name
IngelivNew combination of ING and HLIF
IngerFair Bow White Ring Blessed Ring Goddess of the Moon Beautiful
IngerdVariant form of Ingert
IngerdaVariant form of Ingertha
IngeridYounger form of Ingiríðr
IngerineVariant form of Inger
IngerlineNorwegian name
IngerliseDanish name
IngertaVariant spelling of Ingertha
IngerteVariant form of Ingertha
IngerthaLatinised form of Ingigerth
IngfridYounger form of Ingifríðr
IngfridaVariant form of Ingfrid
IngfrydDialectal variant form of Ingfrid
InghildYounger variant form of Ingvild (see Yngvildr)
InginaNorwegian variant form of Inga
IngineVariant form of Ingina
IngjerdShort form of Ingegjerd and younger spelling of Ingiärd
InglaugVariant form of Ingelaug
IngnoraFemale form of Ingnor
IngnyNorwegian name
IngridIng Is Beautiful Fair Meadow Hero's Daughter Nordic name, meaning composition, "Inge" (meaning similar to the Germanic god Ingwio) and "beautiful." Namesake: Ingrid Bergman, Swedish actress.
IngrunYounger variant form of Ingerun
IngseNew combination of ING and any name ending with -se
IngunVariant spelling of Ingunn
IngundVariant form of Ingunn
IngunnVariant form of Ingunnr
IngvaVariant form of Yngva
IngvaldaFemale form of Ingvald
IngvaraFormer Norwegian female form of Ingvar
IngvardaFemale form of Ingvard
IngvardineVariant form of Ingvarda
IngveiVariant form of Ingveig
IngveigNorwegian name
IngvilVariant form of Ingvild
IngvildBattle Will
IngvillVariant form of Ingvild
IngvorYounger form of Yngvǫr
InkenFrisian diminutive form of names beginning with the name element ING
InniVariant form of Inna
IrenePeace Peaceful Palm Tree Greek origin, meaning: the peaceful, inspired by the Greek goddess of peace. Popular in Germany in the 20th century. Namesake: St. Irene of Thessaloniki, Catholic martyr..
IrilNorwegian name

IrisRainbow Flower Radiance Greek origin, meaning inspired by the eponymous Greek messenger of the gods, also: Rainbow a flower name. Namesake: Iris Radisch, German literary critic and journalist.
IrlinNorwegian name
IrmeliGerman pet form of Irmela
IrunVariant form of Irunn
IrunnNorwegian name
IsakaFemale form of Isak
IsakineFemale form of Isak (see Isaak)
IsaneShort form of Isakine
IsborgNordic form of Isburg
IselinnVariant form of Iselin
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