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KaiaStability Ocean or Sea From the Earth Pure Chicken Hen
KalmaFemale form of Kalmar
KamillaCombination of Kae and Lynn Keeper of the Keys Pure Latin origin, rarer variant of Camilla (meaning: the honorable births).
KanelkenFrisian and Low German pet form of Cornelia

KanutteVariant spelling of Canutte
KåraYounger form of Kára
KardisNorwegian name
KarellaFemale form of Karel
KarenannaNordic name
KarenseNorwegian variant form of Karen
KareteNorwegian dialectal pet form of Karen
KårhildNorwegian younger form of Kárhildr
KarianeVariant form of Karianne
KarijanneCreative spelling of Karianne
KarinPure One Form of Catherine Clear Summer Forest Abbreviation of Katherine Swedish form of Katharina (meaning: the Pure): In Germany the mid 20th century popular. Namesake: Karin Baal, German actress.
KarinaFlower Pure Innocent Dear Little One Variant of Carina (meaning: the Pretty) In addition to the form of Karin.
KarineDowny Bearded Youthful Name of a Poem Jove's Child Fire Variant of Carina (meaning: the Pretty) In addition to the form of Karin.
KaritShort form of Karita
KaritasNordic spelling of Caritas
KarlaPeasant Farmer Strong Little Womanly Free Woman Old High German origin, feminine form (meaning: free man, Army) Italian origin, secondary form of Carla.
KarlognaVariant form of Karlovna
KarlotteVariant form of Charlotte
KarlovnaRussian patronymic surname meaning 'Karl's daughter'
KarnelskeVariant form of Karnilske
KarnilskeFormer variant form of Kornilske
KarnyVariant form of Karne
KarolinaDowny Bearded Youthful Name of a Poem Jove's Child Fire rarer variant of Carolin, Carolina or Caroline. Namesake: Karoline von Günderode, German writer.
KarolineFarmer Free Man Strong and Masculine Form of Charles Action or Activity A Star Action Fate Destiny rarer variant of Carolin, Carolina or Caroline. Namesake: Karoline von Günderode, German writer.
KårunnNorwegian name
KasbaraVariant form of Kaspara
KasparaFemale form of Kaspar
KastoraFemale form of Kastor
KatarinaPure Alert Vigorous Form of Catherine Maybe The Pure
KatharinaPure Clear Virginal Greek origin, meaning: the Pure. In Germany timelessly popular since the Middle Ages. Namesake: St. Catherine of Alexandria . Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia.
KathinkaVariant spelling of Katinka Maybe The Pure
KathrinePure Form of Catherine Maybe The Pure
KatjaPure Russian diminutive of Yekaterina or Katharina (meaning: the Pure). Popular in Germany in the last third of the 20th century. Namesake: Katja Flint, German actress.
KatlaFemale form of Ketill Kettle
KatrinePure Form of Catherine Holy Maybe The Pure
KaurineFemale form of Kaurin
KelfridNorwegian variant form of Kjellfrid
KellfridNorwegian variant form of Kjellfrid

KersteVariant form of Kerstin
KetNordic spelling of Kate
KethVariant spelling of Ket
KethlinCreative spelling of Kathleen
KickiVariant form of Kiki
KikkaVariant form of Kiki
KikkiVariant form of Kiki
KilmaNorwegian name of unknown origin and meaning
KirstenFollower of Christ Stone Church The Anointed One Variant Form of Christine Christian Woman Low German and Scandinavian form of Christine a boy name. Popular in Germany in the 1970s.
KirvilNorwegian name
KistiVariant form of Kirsti
KithVariant spelling of Kit
KjelborgVariant spelling of Kjellborg
KjellaugNorwegian younger form of Kætillaug
KjellbjørgNorwegian younger form of Ketilbjǫrg
KjellborgVariant form of Kjellbjørg
KjellridNorwegian younger form of Ketilríðr
KjellrunYounger form of Kätilrun
KjellrunnVariant form of Kjellrun
KjellvorNorwegian name
KjellyNorwegian name
KjelrunVariant spelling of Kjellrun
KjerlaugNorwegian variant spelling of Kjærlaug
KjerstiFollower of Christ Nickname for Christopher Frontiersman Kit Carson Anointed Christian Nickname for Katherine Form of Catherine Pure
KjerstinWhite Wave Diminutive of Jane and Jennifer White Spirit Race of Women Fair Smooth White and Smooth Soft Swedish Nebenform of Kerstin.
KjerstinaNorwegian variant form of Kjerstine
KjerstineNorwegian variant form of Kierstine
KjetilNordic name, meaning: helmet, boiler. Kettle
KjærlaugNorwegian name
KjærstiVariant spelling of Kjersti
KlaraPure Form of Katherine Virginal Clear Holy Latin origin, variant of Clara (meaning: the luminous, bright). Namesake: St. Clare of Assisi, founder of the Poor Clares..
KlarisseVariant spelling of Clarisse
KlaryNordic spelling of Clary
KlausineFemale form of Klaus
KnudineFemale form of Knud (see Knútr)
KnuthildNorwegian name
KnutianeVariant form of Knutine
KnutineFemale form of Knut (see Knútr)
KolbjørgNorwegian name
KolbrunYounger form of Kolbrún Coal
KoldisNorwegian form of Koldís
KolfinnaFemale form of Kolfinnr
KolfridNorwegian name
KolgrimaYounger form of Kolgríma

KolnyNorwegian name
KolternaNorwegian younger form of Kolþerna
KolveigNorwegian name
KonsineNorwegian dialectal short form of Konstantine (see Constantina)
KonstanseNorwegian form of Constance
KornelieVariant form of Kornelia
KornilskeLow German and Frisian pet form of Cornelia
KristbjørgNorwegian and Faroese form of Kristbjörg
KristenseNordic spelling of Christence
KristhildNorwegian name
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