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MadelaNorwegian dialectal variant form of Madeleine
MadickenSwedish pet form of Margareta, invented by Astrid Lindgren for the main character of her book 'Madicken' (1960)
MadliShort form of Madeleine
MadsiFemale form of Mads (see Mats)
MagdaHigh Tower Maiden German Diminutive of Magdalene Reference to Biblical Mary Magdalene One who is Elevated Woman from Magdala Short form of Magdalena (meaning: the native of Magdala). Namesake: Magda Schneider, German actress.

MagdalenaWoman from Magdala Woman from Kynthos The Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of Galilee Hebrew origin, similar to Mary Magdalene [meaning: the Magdalene (on ʃee Galilee) derived (Mary)]. Since the Reformation in Germany spread. Namesake: Mary Magdalene, disciple of Jesus from the New Testament.
MagdelaNorwegian dialectal variant form of Magdeli
MagdeleNorwegian dialectal variant form of Magdela
MagdeliNorwegian dialectal variant form of Magdali
MagdeloneVariant form of Magdalena, probably influenced by Madelon
MageliVariant form of Magli
MaggaPet form of Margareta and its variant forms
MaglaPet form of Magnhilda (see Magnhildr)
MagnfridNorwegian form of Magnfríður
MagnhildMighty Strong
MagnhildaVariant form of Magnhildr
MagniVariant form of Magny (see Magný)
MagnoraFemale form of Magnor
MagnvorNorwegian name
MagnyNorwegian form of Magný
MagretDialectal variant form of Margret The Pearl
MagretaDialectal variant form of Margreta
MagreteVariant form of Magreta
MagrethaVariant spelling of Magreta
MagretheVariant spelling of Magrete
MagritNorwegian dialectal variant form of Margrit
MagrittVariant form of Magrit
MagteNorwegian short form of Margarete (see Margareta)
MagthildeFormer variant form of Mathilde
MagtildeFormer variant form of Mathilde
MaienVariant spelling of Majen
MaifridNorwegian spelling of Majfrid
MaigunnNorwegian spelling of Majgun
MaikenAbbreviation of Margaret Pearl Flower Name Frisian pet form of Maria. In Germany in the late 20th century popular.
MailinnVariant form of Mailin
MailisVariant spelling of Majlis
MainFrisian short form of Meina Benefit
MainyVariant spelling of Majny
MaitVariant spelling of Majt
MaiviVariant spelling of Majvi
MaivorVariant spelling of Majvor
MajbritVariant spelling of Majbritt
MajenPet form of Maj and Maja

MajkaCreative spelling of Maika
MajlaVariant spelling of Maila
MajlenVariant form of Majlena
MajlinNordic name
MaldisNorwegian name
MaleneDevotee of Saint Columba A Dove Saint Columb's Disciple Columba's Servant Nordic short form of Magdalena (meaning: the native of Magdala).
MalfridNorwegian younger form of Málfríðr
MålfridNorwegian younger form of Málfríðr
MalfridaNorwegian variant form of Malfrid
MalinnCreative spelling of Malin
MalkiName of uncertain origin and meaning
MalmfridNorwegian younger form of Malmfríðr
MandoraFemale form of Mandor
MangelaNorwegian dialectal variant form of Magnhilda
MarenOf the Sea Sea of Bitterness From the God Mars Bitter Variant of Maria Wished for Child Danish form of Marina.
MarenannaNorwegian name
MarfridNorwegian form of Marfríður
MargaretaPearl The Pearl
MargitBrave as a Lion Abbreviation of Leonard Lion-bold The Pearl
MargithCreative spelling of Margit
MargittCreative spelling of Margit
MargittaVariant form of Margita The Pearl
MargjitVariant form of Margit
MargodtCreative spelling of Margot
MargreteLioness The Pearl
MargrethVariant spelling of Margret The Pearl
MargunVariant spelling of Margunn
MargunnNorwegian and Faroese form of Margunnur
MarhildVariant form of Marhilde
MarhildeNorwegian name
MariaBitter Sea of Bitterness The Perfect One Sea of Sorrow Wished for Child Rebellious Star Mary Hebrew origin, Latin and Greek form of Mirjam (meaning suggesting godsend or: the fertile, also possible: the bitter, sorrowful, Unruly). A timeless popular name in many countries, widely used in Germany for five centuries. As a middle name also a protective name for boys. Namesake: Maria Callas, Greek singer.
MarijanneCreative spelling of Marianne
MarikenVariant form of Marieke
MarinaSea Maiden From the God Mars Star of the Sea
MaritCombination of Maria and Luisa Form of Maris Star of the Sea Wise Protector Protecting Hands Worthy Respectable Mother of Daksa LadyThe Pearl
MarjamNordic variant form of Mariam
MarjitVariant spelling of Margit
MarlaugNorwegian and Icelandic name
MarnShort form of Maren
MarretVariant form of Maret
MarselieVariant form of Marselia
MartaMistress Mistress of the House or Lady Bitter Dedicated to Mars Feminine of Martin Warlike Pearl A Lady Spanish Form of Martha Lady

MarteBitter Sea of Bitterness Feminine of Marlon Variant of Marlene Woman from Magdala Mistress
MarteaVariant form of Marta, influenced by Matthea
MarteleneNorwegian name
MartheaVariant form of Martea
MarthineCreative spelling of Martine
MarwelCreative spelling of Marvel
MarwellCreative spelling of Marvel
MaselleProbably a variant form of Marselie
MasineNorwegian form of Madsine
MathildeBrave as a Lion Abbreviation of Leonard Lion-bold Might
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