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NaimiSwedish variant form of Naemi
NancineVariant form of Nansine
NanfridNorwegian name
NannaDaring Brave
NelbjørgVariant form of Nelborg

NelborgNorwegian name
NelfridNorwegian name
NelineVariant form of Nelina
NellborgVariant spelling of Nelborg
NelvineVariant form of Nelvina
NemineName of unknown origin and meaning
NenneVariant form of Nenna
NeseVariant form of Nesa
NicholineCreative spelling of Nicoline
NicoleaVariant form of Nicolaia
NikkenNorwegian pet form of Nikka
NikolaiaNordic spelling of Nicolaia
NikoleaNordic spelling of Nicolea
NikolineVariant spelling of Nicoline Victory Of The People
NilbjørgVariant form of Nilborg
NilborgNorwegian name
NildeVariant form of Nilda Fight
NiletteFormer Norwegian pet form of Kornelie (see Cornelia)
NiliaVariant form of Nelia
NilieVariant form of Nilia
NilleShort form of names ending in -nille
NillyVariant form of Nilla
NilmaFemale form of Nilmer
NilsineFemale forms of Nils and Niels (combination of NIL and SINA)
NilskeShort form of Kornilske and Karnilske
NilvardaFemale form of Nilvard
NinettNordic variant spelling of Ninette
NinniPet form of many different names beginning with In-/Ni- or containing -in- or -ni-
NinnyVariant form of Ninni
NoraSea of Bitterness Form of Mary Wished-for Child Rebellion Star of the Sea Bitter Beloved Irish name meaning: torch Irish short for Eleanor or Eleonore (meaning suggesting the other) Latin name, meaning: the Honorable Arabic name, meaning: bringer of light. In Germany for more than three centuries spread. Widely known through the drama "A Doll's House" (1879) by Henrik Ibsen.
NorbjørgNorwegian name
NordbjørgVariant form of Norbjørg
NordhildOld High German name
NordisNorwegian name
NorfridNorwegian name
NorfridaVariant form of Norfrid
NorfrydVariant form of Norfrid
NorgunnNorwegian name
NoridVariant form of Norfrid
NorillVariant form of Norhild

NorinVariant form of Norina
NorlaugNorwegian name
NorunnNorwegian name
NorveigNorwegian name
NuuraFinnish spelling of Nora
NyfridNorwegian name
Norwegian baby names
This norwegian names list for girls is intended for the parents who wishes the best name for their baby. Get the norwegian girl names starting with N featuring all norwegian names. Norwegian names list has many names that will give a unique identity to your kid. n\Norwegian name with meaning in english are provided that will help you name your child.