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ObjørgNorwegian name
OdbjørgCreative spelling of Oddbjørg
OddbjørgNorwegian and Faroese younger form of Oddbjǫrg
OddborgVariant form of Oddbjørg
OddfridNorwegian younger form of Oddfríðr

OddgerdNorwegian modern form of Oddgerðr
OddgunVariant spelling of Oddgunn
OddgunnNorwegian Name
OddhildNorwegian form of Oddhildur
OddlaugOld Norse name, combination of ODD and LAUG
OddlinNorwegian name
OddlyNorwegian name
OddnyNorwegian younger form of Oddný
OddrunNorwegian younger form of Oddrún
OddrunnVariant form of Oddrun
OddveigNordic name
OddvorNorwegian younger form of Oddvǫr
OdetaCreative spelling of Odetta Blue
OdilVariant form of Odila
OditNorwegian name
OdlyVariant spelling of Oddly
OdnyVariant spelling of Oddny
OdrunVariant spelling of Oddrun
OdvaraFemale form of Odvar
OdveigVariant spelling of Oddveig
OktavianaNordic spelling of Octaviana
OlaliaVariant form of Ola (see Óla)
OlauFormer variant form of Olaug
OlaugNorwegian younger form of Ólaug
OlavaFemale form of Olav (see Ólafr) and Olavus
OlaveVariant form of Olava
OlavineVariant form of Olafine
OlbertineFemale form of Olbert
OlbjørgVariant form of Olborg
OlborgNorwegian name
OldaShort form of names ending with -olda, especially Arnolda
OldbjørgVariant form of Olborg
OldborgVariant form of Olborg
OldineShort form of names ending with -oldine, especially Arnoldine
OldisNew combination of ÖL and DIS
OleannaNew combination of OL and ANN
OleanneVariant form of Oleanna
OlefineVariant form of Olevine
OleifYounger form of Ólæif
OleivVariant spelling of Oleif

OlemineFemale form of Ole (see Óli):
OletteFemale form of Ole (see Óli)
OlevineFemale form of Ole (see Óli): New combination of OL and VIN
OlfridNorwegian name
OlgaConsecrated to God God is My Oath God is Perfection Pledged to God God's Promise Variant of Elizabeth My God is Bountiful God of Plenty Russian form of Helga (meaning: the saints also: Intact). In Russia, very popular. Widely known through the tales of Olga Tsarevna (equivalent to the German Snow White). Namesake: St. Olga, Grand Duchess of Kiev..
OlgineFemale form of Olger
OlgunnNorwegian name
OlianneVariant form of Oliana
OliseVariant form of Olisa
OlivVariant form of Oleiv (see Ólæif)
OlkjeFrisian and Low German name
OllaugNorwegian variant form of Olaug
OllbjørgVariant form of Olborg
OloFormer Norwegian dialectal form of Olov
OlogNorwegian younger form of Ólaug
OlouFormer Norwegian variant form of Oloug
OlougNorwegian younger form of Olog
OlrunNorwegian name
OlsineFemale form of Ole (see Óli) and its variants:
OluffaFemale form of Oluf
OlufineFemale form of Oluf
OlvaraFemale form of Olvar
OlvardaFemale form of Olvard
OlveigNorwegian name
OlydiaNorwegian name
OløvNorwegian variant form of Olov
OmineNew combination of O and MIN
OmmundaFemale form of Ommund
OmundaVariant spelling of Ommunda
OnandaNorwegian name of uncertain origin and meaning. Theories include:
OrdineFemale form of Ordin
OrgunnVariant form of Årgunn
OrlaugVariant form of Arnlaug
OrlovVariant form of Orlaug
OrmfridNorwegian modern form of Ormfríðr
OrmhildSwedish and Norwegian younger form of Ormhildr
OrsaName of uncertain origin and meaning
OskaraNordic spelling of Oscara
OskarineFemale form of Oscar
OslaugNorwegian variant form of Åslaug
OsmineNorwegian female form of Osmund (see Ásmundr)
OtborgFormer Norwegian younger variant form of Oddbjǫrg
OteaFemale form of Ottar (see *Ohtherr)
OtelieVariant form of Ottelia
OtheaVariant spelling of Otea

OthelieVariant spelling of Otelie
OtildeVariant form of Othilde
OtilieVariant form of Otilia
OtineVariant form of Ottine
OtlauNorwegian dialectal variant form of Åslaug
OtloNorwegian dialectal variant form of Åslaug
OttilShort form of Ottilia
OttineFemale form of Ottar (see *Ohtherr)
OttoineFemale form of Ottar (see *Ohtherr)
OttomineFemale form of Otto
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