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PålinaVariant form of Paulina
PalmineVariant form of Palmina
PaludaNorwegian name from the surname Paludan, a Latin translation of the Danish surname Kær (Danish kær, kiar = Latin palus = 'marsh land')
PareliaFemale form of Parelius
PaulaSmall Humble String Little Latin origin, feminine form of Paul (meaning: the little one). A timeless and in Germany very popular name. Namesake: Paula Modersohn-Becker, German painter.

PaulfridNorwegian name
PaulognaVariant form of Paulovna
PaulovnaTransferred use of a Russian surname meaning 'daughter of Paulus'
PauludaNorwegian variant form of Paluda influenced by Paul and its variant forms
PedrikkeVariant form of Petrikke
PenelleNorwegian dialectal variant form of Pernelle
PenettaNorwegian name
PeoliveNorwegian name
PerdaFemale form of Per
PerdiNew combination of PER and DI
PerdisNorwegian name
PerdyVariant form of Perdi
PergotNorwegian name
PergunnNorwegian name
PerineVariant form of Perina
PerlaugNorwegian name
PerlyCombination of PER and LI
PernhildNorwegian name
PernhildaVariant form of Pernhild
PernyNorwegian name
PeternilleVariant form of Petronilla
PetraAdviser Solitary Alone Unique A Wise Counsellor Saint Nun Timekeeper Noble Aristocratic Latin origin, feminine form of Peter (meaning: rock). In Germany, widespread since the 20th century and particularly popular around 1960.
PetrikkeVariant form of Petra
PetrinVariant form of Petrine
PetryNorwegian variant form of Petra
PetterkeVariant form of Petrikke
PetternilleVariant form of Peternille
PiaSmall Humble String Little Lover Beloved Latin origin, feminine form of Pius (meaning: the pious, virtuous) Indian name, meaning: the beloved. In Germany since the late 20th century increasingly popular.
Pippi 1Fantasy name invented by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren for her books about Pippi Långstrump (English title: Pippi Longstocking)
PollaVariant form of Paula Poppy
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