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RådgjerdNorwegian younger form of Ráðgerðr
RådgjerdaNorwegian variant form of Rådgjerd
RådgridModern form of Ráðgríðr
RådnyYounger form of Ráðný
RådveigNorwegian younger form of Ráðveig

RaglaNorwegian dialectal variant form of Ragnhild
RagnaAdvice Counsel Small Little Humble Female Version of Paul Nordic short form of names with "Ragin" or "Ragn" (meaning: Council).
RagnborgOld Norse name
RagndiYounger form of Ragndid
RagneNorwegian variant form of Ragna
RagnfridYounger form of Ragnfríðr
RagnheidYounger form of Ragnheiðr
RagnhildAdvice Counsel Most Beautiful The Little Finger Pink Coloured Sweet Pinkish Nordic form of Reinhild (meaning composition of "advice" and "struggle").
RagnhildaVariant form of Ragnhildr
RagnhildeVariant form of Ragnhilda
RagniVariant form of Ragndi (see Ragnfríðr)
RagnildVariant form of Ragnhild
RagnvaldaFemale form of Ragnvald
RagnveigOld Norse name
RagnvorNorwegian younger form of Ragnvǫr
RagnyVariant form of Ragni
RakelA Town Village Warrior's Estate Patrician Noble Form of Patrick Royal Noble Woman Settlement of Poega Peacock Town King Sand Silvery Emotion Affection Hope King-queen Hopeful The Ewe
RamborgYounger variant form of Ragnborg
RamfriVariant form of Ramfrid
RamfridYounger variant form of Ragnfridh (see Ragnfríðr)
RandgridModern form of Randgríðr
RandigNorwegian dialectal variant form of Randid
RandoraFemale form of Randor
RanfridVariant spelling of Rannfrid
RangdiVariant spelling of Ragndi
RangdineVariant form of Randine
RanghildVariant form of Ragnhild
RanghildeVariant form of Ragnhild
RangveiNorwegian dialectal variant form of Rannveig
RannaugVariant form of Rannveig
RanneiVariant form of Rannveig
RannfridNorwegian name
RanniVariant form of Randi (Nordafjells)
RannveigOld Norse name
RanridNewer form of Ranfrid
RanveigVariant spelling of Rannveig
RauglaNorwegian dialectal variant form (Sør-Varanger in Finnmark) of Rauna
RavnaSami form of Ragnhilda
RavnhildYounger form of Hrafnhildr Raven

ReginaQueen Purple Flower
RegiseVariant form of Regitse
RegitseVariant spelling of Regitze
RegitzeDanish form of Regitza
RegnoraFemale form of Regnor
ReidhildNorwegian name
ReidiFemale form of Reid
ReidunVariant spelling of Reidunn Nest
ReidunnNorwegian younger form of Hreiðunn
RekkaVariant form of Rekke
RekkenVariant form of Rekke
RemineNorwegian female form of Reidar (see Hræiðarr)
RenatePierces Pierce the Vale Latin origin, feminine form of Renatus (meaning: the regenerate). In Germany the mid 20th century popular.
RenatheCreative spelling of Renate
RenhildDutch form of Reinhild
RiborgDanish younger form of Rigborg
RigineNorwegian dialectal variant form of Regine
RigmorDanish younger form of Rigmár Rich
RikardaVariant form of Richarda
RikardineVariant form of Richarda
RikborgVariant form of Rigborg
RikhardaVariant form of Richarda
RikhardineVariant form of Rikardine
RikkenVariant form of Rikke
RindModern form of Rindr
RineVariant form of Rina
RitaPearl Child of Light Variant of Margaret Brave Honest Way of Life Italian short form of Margarete (meaning: Pearl) Indian name, meaning: the true, righteous. Namesake: Rita Hayworth, American actress.
RittVariant form of Ritta
RodeVariant form of Roda
RodgjerdNorwegian younger variant form of Ráðgerðr
RogerdNorwegian younger variant form of Ráðgerðr
RollaugNorwegian younger form of Hróðlaug
RosalidaVariant form of Rosalia
RosalinnVariant form of Rosalina
RosamundeFemale form of Rosamund Fame
RosemundVariant form of Rosamunde
RoskvaNorwegian younger form of Røskva
RosmariVariant form of Rosemarie
RosmundeVariant form of Rosamunde
RunaSecret Love To Flow Sixth Month Secret Lore
RunbjørgNorwegian variant form of Runborg
RuniVariant form of Runa
RunillVariant form of Runhild

RuttVariant form of Rut
RønnaugNorwegian dialectal variant form of Rannveig
RøskvaYounger form of Rǫskva
RøyanFormer Norwegian variant form of Reidunn
RøyenFormer Norwegian variant form of Reidunn
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