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SakarineFemale form of Sakarias (see Zacharias)
SakineShort form of Sakarine
SakrineShort form of Sakarine
SalgjerdNorwegian younger form of Salgerðr
SalmeVariant form of Salmøy

SalmeiVariant form of Salmøy
SalmineFemale form of Salve
SalmøyNorwegian name
SamelineNorwegian dialectal variant form of Samuline
SamineFemale form of Samuel
SamuelineVariant form of Samuelina
SamulineFemale form of Samuel
SandraForm of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind Man's Defender Manly Virile Defending Men Italian short form of Alessandra (Meaning: Protector). In Germany in the 1970s, very popular also common in the United States.
SanniVariant form of Sanna Lily
SaraPure Lady Excellent Form of Sarah Queen Abraham's Wife Priceless Inestimable Solid Precious Best Star Happy Beautiful Hebrew origin, meaning: Princess. Traditional, timeless name, popular in many countries. Known in the Bible as Abraham's wife. Namesake: Sarah Kirsch, German writer.
SarkaVariant form of Sarke
SarkeLow German and Frisian diminutive form of Sara
SåveNorwegian dialectal variant form of Sølve
SebillaVariant form of Sibylla
SebinaFrisian and Dutch variant form of Sebe
SebineVariant form of Sebina
SebjørFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Sebjørg
SebjørgVariant form of Sigbjørg (see Sigbiǫrg)
SeborFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Sebjørg
SeborgYounger form of Säborg
SebørFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Sebjørg
SedolfineFemale form of Sedolf
SefanjaNordic spelling of Zephanija
SekineProbably a variant form of Sikke
SeljaNordic spelling of Celia
SelmaQueen Purple Flower Fair Protected by God God's Helmet Safe Will Helmet God's Protection Divinely Protected Sacrifice Well Spoken Helmet of God Short form of Anselma (meaning composition of "God" and "helmet").
SelmineVariant form of Selma
SemineFemale form of Sem
SenijaVariant form of Senja
SeporaNordic variant form of Zippora
SerafiaNordic spelling of Seraphia
SerenneVariant form of Serene
SesilieVariant spelling of Cecilie
SesselVariant form of Sissel
SessellFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Sissel
SevaldaFemale form of Sevald
SevrinaShort form of Severina
SevrineShort form of Severine
SibilleVariant form of Sibylle
SiborFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Sigbjørg

SickanPet form of names containing the name element SIG
SidselDanish variant spelling of Sissel
SigbjørgNorwegian and Faroese younger form of Sigbiǫrg
SigborgYounger form of Sigbiǫrg
SigbrittDutch form of Sigiberta (see Sigiberht)
SigdisNorwegian form of Sigdís
SigfridaNorwegian variant form of Sigfrid
SigfrydaNorwegian dialectal variant form of Sigfrida
SiggenNorwegian pet form of names containing the name element SIG
SiglindeVariant spelling of Sieglinde Victory
SigneCatlike Form of Sabine Of Ancient Italian Culture Woman from the Sabine Tribe Beautiful Victory
SignelillNordic name
SignhildVariant form of Signil
SigniVariant form of Signý
SigriVariant form of Sigrid
SigrunFrom Saint Denis Variant of Sidney from St Denis Victory
SigrundNorwegian variant form of Sigrun
SigrunnNorwegian variant spelling of Sigrun
SigtonaVariant form of Sitona (see Sidonia)
SigtrudVariant spelling of Siegtrud
SigunnYounger form of Sigunnr
SigurdaFemale form of Sigurd
SigvaldaFemale form of Sigvald
SigvardaFemale form of Sigvard (see Sigiwart)
SigveigOld Norse variant spelling of Sigvæig
SigvorYounger form of Sigvǫr
SigynOld Norse younger form of *Sigvin Victory
SiljeSweet Pleasant Gentle Delicate Goddess of Sculpture Achievement Home Sick Old Blind
SimonineVariant form of Simonina
SineVariant form of Sina
SipporaNordic spelling of Zippora
SireneVariant form of Siren
SiriBeauty Diamond Gold Platinum Wealth God's Gift of Love Money Goddess Saraswati / Lakshmi
SiriannVariant form of Sirianna
SiriannaNorwegian name
SirilNorwegian name
SissVariant form of Sissa
SisselVariant form of Sissela (see Caecilia)
SitonaNorwegian form of Sidonia
SittonaNorwegian variant form of Sitona
SjovorNorwegian younger form of Søyvǫr
SkadeModern form of Skaði
SkjaldvorNorwegian younger form of Skjaldvǫr

SkjaldvørNorwegian variant form of Skjaldvor
SkjalvorNorwegian variant form of Skjaldvor
SkjolddisYounger form of Skjalddís
SkjoldisVariant form of Skjolddis
SkjoldvorNorwegian younger form of Skjaldvǫr
SkuldfridNordic name
SkulfridVariant form of Skuldfrid
SnefridNorwegian younger form of Snæfríðr
SnøfridNorwegian younger form of Snœfríðr
SofiaKnowledge Wisdom Will Wise Form of Sophia
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