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TabittaVariant form of Tabita
TåleNorwegian dialectal variant form of Tale
TaletteVariant form of Taletta
TålineVariant form of Tolline
TallaugNorwegian dialectal variant form of Torlaug

TamineVariant form of Tamina
TanjaA Penelope Wife of Odysseys White Shoulder Fionnula Dream Weaver Duck Hard Working Deep Pink
TaraldineFemale form of Tarald (see Þórvaldr)
TåranNorwegian dialectal variant form of Torunn
TårånNorwegian dialectal variant form of Torunn
TårenNorwegian dialectal variant form of Torunn
TargjerdNorwegian dialectal variant form of Torgjerd
TeaForm of Tea Tailor Gift Of God
TelineVariant form of Telina
TeodineFemale form of Teo
TeolineFemale form of Teo
TeresieVariant form of Teresia
TergjerdNorwegian dialectal variant form of Torgjerd
ThanitaCreative spelling of Tanita
TheaLily Form of Susan Short form of Dorothea (meaning: God's Gift) and Theodora (meaning: God's Gift).
TheolineVariant spelling of Teoline
TheresaHarvester Summer One who Reaps Reaper Greek origin, meaning: the end of Thera tribe also: Slayer. Namesake: St. Theresa of Avila..
ThereseSummer To Harvest Form of Theresa Harvester Female Version of Terence Greek origin, meaning: the end of Thera tribe also: Slayer. Namesake: St. Theresa of Avila..
TheresieVariant form of Theresia
ThillaCreative spelling of Tilla
ThinCreative spelling of Tin
ThinaCreative spelling of Tina
ThineCreative spelling of Tine
ThitVariant form of Thita
TholineCreative spelling of Toline
ThomineVariant spelling of Tomine
ThorbjørgVariant spelling of Torbjørg
ThornyVariant spelling of Torny
ThuriVariant spelling of Turi
ThyraGift of God Supreme Gift Swedish name of Danish origin, presumably meaning the composition of "Thor" and "struggle".
Tiina 1Finnish spelling of Tina
TilieVariant form of Tilia
TiljaVariant form of Tilia
TiljeVariant form of Tilja
TirilNorwegian fantasy name, probably inspired by Johan Sebastian Cammermeyer Welhaven's poem "Lokkende Toner" ('Alluring Sounds', 1859), where the refrain is
TirillVariant form of Tiril
TittiVariant form of Titta
TjodbjørgFormer Norwegian younger form of Þióðbjǫrg

TjodgjerdNorwegian younger form of Þjóðgerðr
TjodhildNorwegian younger form of Þjóðhildr
TjodunnNorwegian younger form of Þjóðunn
TjodvorNorwegian name
TjønVariant spelling of Tjønn
TjønnNorwegian short form of Þjóðunn
TobiaFemale form of Tobias Yahweh Is Good
TobineVariant form of Tobina
TodneNorwegian younger form of Þodny
TodniNorwegian younger form of Þodny
ToleneVariant form of Tollene
TolineVariant form of Tåline and Tolline
TollaugNorwegian dialectal variant form (Aust-Agder) of Torlaug
TolleneVariant form of Tolline
TollineExtended form of Tolla (see Tóla)
TolvineVariant form of Tolva
TomallyName of unknown origin and meaning
TomanaFemale form of Thomas
TominaFemale form of Thomas
TomineVariant form of Tomina Twin
TonhildNorwegian name
TonjeNorwegian dialectal variant form of Torny (see Þórný)
ToraGraceful Rose Nordic short form of names with "gate" (meaning: God Thor) Nordic name, feminine form of gates or (meaning: God Thor).
TorånNorwegian dialectal variant form of Torunn
TorarnaYounger form of Þórarna
TorberVariant form of Torbjørg
TorbjørVariant form of Torbjørg
TorbjørgYounger form of Þorbjǫrg
TordineFemale form of Tord
TordisNordic name, meaning composition of "Thor" and "goddess". Thunder
TordlyNorwegian name
TordnyNorwegian name
TorelvNorwegian younger form of Þórelfr
TorfridYounger form of Þórfríðr
TorgerdOld Swedish form of Þorgerðr
TorgineNorwegian female form of names containing the first element ÞOR and a last element beginning with g-
TorgjerdNorwegian modern form of Þorgerðr
TorgunSwedish modern form of Thorgun
TorgunnYounger form of Þórgunnr
TorgunnaYounger form of Þorgunna
TorhallaNorwegian younger form of Þórhalla
TorheidNorwegian younger form of Þórhæiðr
TorhildThor's Battle Nordic name, meaning composition of "Thor" and "struggle". Thunder

TorhildaFormer variant form of Torhild
TorilNordic name, meaning composition of "Thor" and "struggle".
TorildeNorwegian dialectal variant form of Torild
TorillVariant form of Torild Thunder
TorineVariant form of Torina
TorkatlaYounger form of Þorkatla
TorlaugNorwegian younger form of Þorlaug
TorleivNorwegian younger form of Þorleif
TorlovNorwegian younger form of Þórlǫf
TorlyNorwegian name
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