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ValbjørgNorwegian and Faroese variant form of Valborg
ValfridNordic name
ValgerdModern form of Valgerðr
ValgjerdNorwegian younger form of Valgerðr
ValmeProbably a variant form of Valmøy

ValmøyNorwegian name
ValnySwedish and Norwegian form of Valný
ValtraudNordic variant spelling of Waltraud
VanjaThunder Ruler Puller Follower of Thor Stubborn Derivative of the Scandinavian God of Battle Tyr Tuesday was Named for Tyr Wave Italian, Swedish form of Vanya.
VårYounger form of Vár
VårhildNorwegian name
VårinNorwegian name
VårunnNorwegian name
VebjørgNorwegian younger form of Vébjǫrg
VedisNorwegian younger form of Védís
VefridNorwegian younger form of Véfríðr
VegjerdNorwegian younger form of Vígærðr
VelaugYounger form of Vélaug
VeledineVariant form of Veline (see Velina)
VelgjerdNorwegian dialectal variant form of Valgjerd
VelineVariant form of Velina
VellumineNorwegian variant form of Vilhelmine
VencheVariant spelling of Venke
VenckeVariant spelling of Venke
VendyVariant spelling of Wendy
VenilVariant form of Venill
VenillVariant form of Wendela
VenkeNordic spelling of Wenke
VeronikaTwin A Form of Thomas Victory Honest Image True Image Truth greichischer origin, Nebenform of Berenice (meaning: the victory bringer). In Germany, especially in the south spread. Namesake: Saint Veronica of Jerusalem, disciple of Jesus..
VeslaNorwegian vesle = 'little' (see also VESLE)
VeslemøyNorwegian Name
VibeNordic spelling of Wiebe
VibeckeVariant form of Vibeke
VibekeDanish form of Wiebke. Fight
VibekkeVariant form of Vibeke
ViborgOld Swedish variant form of Viborgh (see Víborg)
VictoriaVictory Victorious Conqueror Conquer Goddess of Victory
VidarWide Nordic name, meaning composition of "forest" and "Army". Known from Norse mythology, the son of Odin. Warrior
VidrunNorwegian name
VidunnNorwegian name
VielVariant form of Viil
VigbjørgNorwegian name
VigfridNorwegian name
VighildNordic name

ViglivNorwegian name
VignyNorwegian form of Vigný
VigrunNorwegian name
VigunnOld Swedish variant form of Vigun (see Vígundr)
ViilNorwegian name
ViktoriaConqueror Winner Champion One who Conquers Victor Latin origin, meaning: victory, inspired by the old-Roman goddess of victory. In Germany, widespread since the 19th century and popular. Namesake: Viktoria, German empress.
VilbjørgNorwegian and Faroese variant form of Vilborg
VilborgNordic form of the Old High German name Wilburg
VildeVariant form of Vilda Elf
VildisNorwegian form of Vildís
VilgerdNorwegian younger form of Vilgerðr
VilgjerdNorwegian younger form of Vilgerðr
VilgunNorwegian variant form of Vilgunn
VilgunnNorwegian form of Wilgund
VilhelmaNordic spelling of Wilhelma
VilhelmineNordic spelling of Wilhelmine
ViljeNorwegian form of Vilja
VillemoSwedish name of unknown origin and meaning. It was first used by August Strindberg for one of his poems
VillgunnNorwegian variant form of Vilgunn
VillumineNorwegian variant form of Vilhelmine
VilmarOld High German origin, meaning: the very famous.
VilmekeLow German and Frisian pet form of Wilma
VilmikeVariant form of Vilmeke
VilmyPet form of Vilma
VilrunNordic form of Wilrun
ViltrudNordic spelling of Wiltrud
ViolaViolet Form of Violet Violet Flower Purple Twelfth Night Latin origin, meaning: violets.
VivekeVariant form of Viveca
ViviConquering Prevailing Victorious
VivianAlive Sea of Bitterness God is My Teacher Star of the Sea Form of Mariah A Bitterly Wanted Child English name of Latin origin, meaning: the Vivid, Vivid a girl's name.
VivikeVariant form of Viveca
VivilVariant form of Vivild
VivildNorwegian name
VivillNorwegian variant form of Vivild
VorinNorwegian variant form of Vårin
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