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Polish Names for Boy        Polish Names for Girl
AdaStyle Special Things
AdrianaDark and Rich Woman from Hadria
AdriannaRefined Gentle

AgataMy Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
AgnieszkaSon of the Red Earth In the Bible God Created Adam-the First Man-out of the Red Earth and Breathed Life into Him
AlbertaNoble and Bright Form of Albert Noble Bright Majestic Wolf Noble Famous
AlbinaNoble Female Version of Albert from the Old German Bright Noble Famous
AleksandraAdornment Jewel
AlfredaElf Counsel Elf Strength
AlicjaSpanish Form of Alphonse Eager for War
AmeliaIndustrious Work Labour Work Fertile Effort Strain Work of the Lord
AnastazjaWealthy Guardian Full of Grace and Lily
AngelikaAngelic Messenger from God
AngelinaGold-brown Semiprecious Stone Amber
AniaVoyage Grace
AnielaCombination of Anna and Belle Beautiful Graceful Easy to Love
AnielkaMy Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
AnkaApricot from Nara Grain
AnnaAngel Elder Brother
AntoniaComely Helmet of God Feminine of Anselm Godly Helmet
AntoninaInestimable Female Version of Antonio Beyond Praise
ApoloniaNoble Friend Elf Brilliance Brightness Height Exalted Battle
AriadnaCombination of Anna and Belle Beautiful Graceful Easy to Love
AugustaVenerated Worthy of Respect
AureliaFields of Cottonwood Ambitious Goal Directed
BertaFamous Noble Splendid Shining Pledge Bright Ruler Glorious Bright or Glorious
BiankaFrom the Beaver Meadow Beaver Stream
BlankaFair White Pale
BogdanaStrange Bright Famous One
CecyliaSong of Joy Song of Happiness Womanly Form of Carolyne

CelinaSky Goddess of the Moon Heavenly Moon
DagmaraFrom the Crane Estate Settlement of Cranes
DanielaGod is My Judge Form of Daniel Jacob's Son Judge
DanutaGod is My Judge Feminine Variant of Daniel
DariaPossesses a Lot Female Version of Dariu / Darius

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