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AdhyaSunday First Power
AdiMore Extra Companion of Prophet Muhammad Jewel or Ornament Myth Name Beginning First Born Adornment Jewel Superior The First Primeval Daughter of Earth My Ornament My Witness
AdinaNoble Minded Decoration Friday Beautiful Gorgeous Delicate Slender Refined Gentle
AditaThe Sun First Root
AditeyaAnother Name for the Sun Child of Aditi
AditiGuest Mother of God The Earth
AditriHighest Honor Goddess Lakshmi
AdriMountain Hard as Rock Seven
AdrijaOf the Mountain Daughter of Himalaya Goddess Durga / Laxmi / Parvathi
AdrikaGoddess Lakshmi Celestial
AdrisaLord of the Mountains Mountain Lord
AdrishyaPerception Gayab
AdvaitaFocused Non Duality
AdyaToday First Unparalleled 1st Preference Good Beginning
AgiraThe Sun Fire Heaven
AgnajitaOne who has Conquered the Fire One who has Conquered
AgneyaSon of Agni
AgniFire Flame
AgnibhaThe name is composed of two Sanskrit words 'Agni' and 'Aabha' meaning "Fire" and "Shine" respectively so the name Agnibha means Shining Like Fire or Gold
AgrajaEldest Sister Main
AgrimaAdvance Leadership
AhalyaWife of Rishi Gautam Women Rescued by Lord Rama
AhantiIndestructible Gift
AharpatiLord of the Day Another Name for Sun and Shiva Heron
AhiFawn Serpent Cloud Water Sun Heaven and Earth Conjoined
AhimsaNonviolent Virtue
AhladitaIn Happy Mood
AhukaOfferer Sacrificer
AhutiOffering Oblations Calling Offering
AikyaUnity One Alone
AindriLighting of Eyes The Powerful Belongs to the Powerful Another Name of Goddess Durga
AindrilaFemale Star
AirawatThe Celestial White Elephant of Indra The Celestial White Elephant
AishaniGoddess Durga
AishwaryaMoney Wealth
AiswariBelongs to the Lord Lordly
AjaFire Unborn High Priestess of Mecca Goat Not Born Love of Vishnu One who is Self Existent
AjalaBeliever of Allah Eternal The Earth
AjaniHe Fights for What is his Of Noble Birth
AjaraNot Wearing out Everlasting Adhishri
AjatBirthless Lord Shiva Unborn
AjeenkyaSupreme One who cannot be Defeated
AjiraNot Slow Agile Rapid A Winner
AjitaInvincible Irresistible Always Winning A Winner Unconquerable
AkalankaStainless Flawless
AkalkaFree from Impurity Moonlight Pure
AkalpaOrnament Love of God
AkaraMine A Collection Chief Deity
AkasaOpen Air Space
AkashaOpen Air Space
AkhilaComplete Beauty
AkhilarkaAll Pervading Radiance and Brilliance of Sun
AkilaUniverse Not Fixed Wavering Intelligent Complete Total
AkshainieGoddess Parvati
AksharaUnalterable Letter
AkshayaIndestructible Special Star Gold Rich
AksheeAbode Existence Eye
AkshiEyes Very Precious Eyed Existence
AkshitaPermanent Unfailing Wonder Girl Seen Wonderful Girl Constant
AksiAbode Existence Eye
AkulaTranscendental Without Cast Goddess Parvati
AkuparaUnbounded Free The Ocean
AlabhyaDurlabh Unique Difficult to Acquire
AlakanandaName of a River
AlaknandaA River in the Himalayas Flawless
AlankaraDecoration Ornament The Beautiful
AliaForehead Exalted Highest Social Standing All Lofty Sublime To Move Forward
AlinFair Handsome Both a Diminutive of Albert Noble Rock Comely To Soothe Bearer of the Light Scorpion The Zodiac Sign Scorpio
AlindaNoble Shield Balcony
AlokaVision Sight Aspect Lustre Splendour Faultless
AlopaSmall Morsel Faultless
AlpanaDecorative Design Beautiful
AmalaSpotless Pure Tree The Pure One Bird Hope
AmandaActive Lovable Much Loved She who Must be Loved Worthy of Love Deserving to be Loved Fit to be Precious Thing

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