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NabhaThe Heart Center Nobel High Sky
NabhiFocus The Best Central
NadaGenerosity Dew Giving Hopeful A River A Stream
NaganandiniMountain Born
NaganikaSerpent Maiden
NagasriThe Wealth of Serpents
NageshwariGoddess of Serpents
NagilaBest Among Serpents
NaginaJewel Gem Pearl
NaimaBelonging to One Graceful Comfort Tranquil To be Contented Form of Naemi
NainikaPupil of the Eye
NakanadiHeavenly River
NakeshaThe Lord of Heaven Variant of Nakeisha
NakiniOne who Dwells in Heaven
NakshatraStar Pearl
NakulaMongoose Fourth One Among Pandavas Goddess Parvati
NalaStem Hollow Reed Good Successful Beloved Queen Stem of Flower Any Hollow Pipe Olive
NalahStem Hollow Reed To Make an End To Make Complete
NalakiniLotus Lake
NaliniKing of Flowers Lotus
NamasyaWorthy of Salutation Worshipping
NamiOf Great Re-known Wave One of Vishnu's Name
NamyaVenerable To be Bowed to
NandaMeritorious Great Achiever Lord Vishnu Joy Bliss Peace Voyage Courage Delight Prosperity Happiness Goddess Durga A Daughter
NandiniBestower of Joy Ganga Goddess Durga A Holy Cow Daughter One who Brings Joy
NanditaSmile Happy Spread Love
NandnaDaughter One who Bestows Happiness
NaraniThe Consort of Lord Narayana
NarayaniGoddess Lakshmi
NareshaKing Among Men Lord of Mankind
NariDeed Woman
NarinderThe King King of Men Mighty Man Lord of Mankind Doctor
NarmadaPeace One who Arouses Tender Feelings in Others River Narmada
NataBowed Snake Birthday Christmas Day
NatanaDancing Makes Others Dance
NateshwariThe Consort of Nateshwara
NathasyaWithout Any Hope
NatiBowing Humble
NatikaConsisting of Dancer and Actors
NavaA Boat Very True Boy Tune
NavamiNew Nineth Tithi in Astrology
NavishaLord Shiva
NaviyaNew One
NavyaNew Worth Praising Young Beauty of Queens Sweet
NaynaEye Eyes
NeedaGrace Favour Without Guile Leader
NeeladreeBlue Peak
NeelambariBlue Sky A Raagini
NehaLove Rain Love and Affection A Flower Love One who Loves and is Loved Rain Sweet Girl Cherished Beauty Sweet Rain
NeidaGrace Favour Without Guile Leader
NeshaNight Music
NetaPlant Leader Guide
NetraEyes Leader Guide
NetriBeautiful Eyes
NibhaResembling Similar Like
NidhiPrinciple Treasure Wealth Money Life Cute
NidiShine Upon
NihiraTreasure Goddess Laxmi Newly Found Treasure River
NikhileswariSovereign Goddess of All
NikhitaSharp The Earth
NikitaEarth Victorious Unconquerable
NikithaThe Earth
NikshithaVictorious Sharp Earth Beautiful
NilaMoon Enchanting Moon
NiliSuccess Indigo A Goddess
NilimaBlue Colour of Clear Sky Dawn
NiliniPerpetrator of the Kuru Race
NimaTo Adjust To Measure Thread God Blessing The Mother of Kabir
NimishaTwinkling of an Eye
NinaLove Hope Lovely-eyed Full of Grace Little Girl Girl Grace Diminutive of Ann Ornamented Slender Strong Fire God had Gracious Beautiful
NipaOne who Watches over
NiraConsisting of Water Juice Liquor Ploughed Field Of the Loom Part of God
NiradharaWithout Support Independent Calm
NiradhariWithout Support Independent
NiraghaSinless Faultless
NirahankaraEgo-less She who is without Egoism
NirajakshiLotus Eyed
NirakulaUnconfused Unaffected She who is without Agitation
NiranjanaSpotless Pure Joyful Name of a River Goddess Parvati The Night of the Full Moon Clear and Pure Goddess Durga Night of Full Moon
NiranjaniEpitome of Hotness
NirantaraUninterrupted Without Interior

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