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VaagaiName of a Beautiful Flower
VaasantiSpring Festival Durga
VaidehiName of Sita
VaijayantiA Garland of Lord Vishnu
VaishaliAn Ancient City of India
VaishnaviGoddess Parvati Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
VaishnodeviGoddess Durga
VajraLord Krishna's Greatgrandson Diamond Name of the Armament in the Hand of Indra it was Made of Dadhichi Rishi Bones
VallariCreeper Goddess Parvati
ValliCreeper Vine
VamaLord Shiva Woman
VamdeviGoddess Durga Savitri
VanamalaGarland of Forests
VanathiOf the Forest
VaniMuse Goddess Saraswati Speech
VaranaHoly River A River
VardaIncreasing A Deity A River Giver of Boons
VariWater Sea
VaruniGoddess Durga Wife of the Lord of the Sea Wife of Varun Name of a River Goddess of All
VasaviSon of Indra Wife of Indra
VasudhaEarth Collector of Wealth The Earth Goddess Giver of Wealth
VatsalaAffectionate Loving Love Form Parents
VedanshiThe Scared Knowledge Knower of Vedas The Part of the Sacred Knowledge
VedavathiFamiliar with the Vedas
VedvalliJoy of the Vedas
VeenaA Musical Instrument Beena
VeenuLife Musical
VeeshaWell Behaved Polite
VetravatiA River in India
VibhaLight Sunshine Radiance Night Radiant
VibhavariStarry Night
VidhitaLoveable Goddess of Mexico
ViditaA Goddess
VidyaWise Wisdom Knowledge Learning Goddess Saraswati
VinataHumble Mother of Garuda
VinayaHumble Subduer Modesty Female Form of Vinay
VisalaSpacious Celestial Apsara
VishakhaBranched A Star Birth Star of Lord Muruga A Nakshatra Unconquered
VishalaWide Spacious
VishalakshiOne with Big Eyes
VishnumayaGoddess Parvati
VishrantiRest Relaxation
VishvaLord Vishnu Earth Universe World
VismitaWonderment Amazement
VrindaRadha Basil Tulsi
VriteeNature Behaviour
VrittiNature Temperament
VrundaBasil Goddess Radha Tulsi

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