African Baby Names - Page 2

African Names for Boy        African Names for Girl
AtienoGirl Born at Night
AwitiGirl Thrown Away
AwotwiBoy Girl Eighth Born Child
AyoBoy Girl Joy
AyodeleBoy Girl Joy Has Come Home

AyokunleBoy Joy Has Filled The Home
AyomideBoy Girl My Joy Has Arrived
AyotundeBoy Girl Joy Has Returned
AzubuikeBoy The Past Is Your Strength
BaakoBoy Girl First Born Child
BabajideBoy Father Has Returned
BabatundeBoy Father Has Returned
BabiryeGirl First Of Twins
BamideleBoy Follow Me Home
BerhanuBoy Light
BerkoBoy First Born
BoipeloBoy Girl Proud
BoitumeloBoy Girl Joy
BolanleGirl Finds Wealth At Home
BonganiBoy Be Grateful
BosedeGirl Born On Sunday
ChausikuGirl Born At Night
Chi Boy Girl God Spirtual Being
ChiamakaGirl God Is Beautiful
ChibuezeBoy Girl God Is The King
ChibuikeBoy Girl God Is Strength
ChibuzoBoy Girl God Leads The Way
ChichiGirl God
ChidiBoy Girl God Exists
ChidiebereBoy Girl God Is Merciful
ChidiebubeBoy Girl God Is Glorious
ChidiegwuBoy Girl God Is Wonderful
ChidikeBoy God Is Strong
ChidimmaGirl God Is Good
ChidubemBoy Guided By God
ChiemekaBoy God Has Performed Great Deeds
ChifundoBoy Girl Mercy
ChifuniroBoy Girl Will Wish
ChijindumBoy Girl God Holds My Life
Chika Girl God Is The Greatest
ChikeBoy Girl God's Power
ChikeluBoy Girl God created
ChikereBoy Girl God Created

ChikondiBoy Girl Love
ChikumbutsoBoy Girl Memory
ChimaBoy God Knows
ChimwemweBoy Girl Joy Pleasure
ChinasaGirl God Answers
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