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Eamon Origin: Irish Wealthy Defender Wealthy Guardian Wealthy Protector Protector of Prosperity Irish form of Edmund (meaning: Guardian of property). Namesakes: Eamon De Valera, Irish President.
Eamonn Wealthy Protector
Ean Origin: Hebrew Firm Enduring Yahweh Is Gracious
Earl Origin: English Nobleman Warrior Chief Leader Prince English name, meaning: noble, freeman. In England a peerage. Distributed in the US.
Earle Origin: Old English Nobleman Chief Leader
Earley Noble Woman Leader
Earlie Noble Leader Noble Woman
Early Noble Leader
Earnest Origin: Old High German Sincere Serious Form of Ernest Truth Battle to the Death The Ernest
Earnie Named for Saint Denys Follower of Dionysius Greek God of Wine Mountain of Zeus
Earvin Friend of the Sea Sea Friend Green Fresh Water
Eason Protector Great One
Easton Origin: Old English East Town Eastern Settlement From East Town
Eastyn Eye Sea
Eathan Wealthy Protector From the River Town
Ebba Flowing Tide Life Boar-like the Battle Alive Swedish name, feminine form of Ebbo (meaning: boar) Short form of Elburg (meaning composition of "sword tip" and "Castle".
Eben Origin: English Mossy Place Son of the Marsh-dwellers Rock Coastal Rocks Son of Carr Marsh Area Surname
Ebenezer Origin: Hebrew, Biblic Stone Of Help Lord Child Born on Sunday Of the Lord Belonging to God
Eber Leader
Eberardo Origin: Old High German Manly Abbreviation of Andrew Strong Like A Boar
Ed Origin: Old English Wolf Counsellor Wise Protector Wise Wolf Guard Of His Wealth
Edan Origin: Irish, Scottish
Eddie Origin: Old English Names Beginning with Ed Form of Edward Guardian of Prosperity Wealthy Defender Wealth Protector Wealthy Guardian Guard Of His Wealth
Eddy Origin: Old English Names Beginning with Ed Form of Edward Guardian of Prosperity Wealthy Defender Wealthy Protector Wealthy Guard Guard Of His Wealth
Edel Gift of God Variant of the Greek Dorothy independent form of names with "noble" (meaning: noble).
Edelmiro Origin: Old High German Gazelle Small Deer Noble
Eden Origin: Hebrew, English (Modern) Place Of Pleasure Delightful Adornment Paradise Garden of Eden biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning: luxuriant inspired by the Garden of Eden in the Bible English name, meaning similar to a family name a girl's name.
Eder Origin: Biblic Of the Mountain
Edgar Origin: Old English Wealthy Spear-man Owner of Spear Protector of the God Rich God Spear Blessed Rich Spear
Edgard Origin: French Wealthy Spear-man Fortunate and Powerful God Spear Lucky Spearman Rich Spear In addition to the form of Edgar (meaning composition of "possession" and "spear"). Namesakes: Edgard Varèse, American composer and conductor of French origin.
Edgardo Origin: Old English Fortunate and Powerful Wealthy Man Holding a Spear
Edger Leader Danish form of Edgar (meaning composition of "possession" and "spear").
Edilberto Gazelle Small Deer
Edin Origin: Slavic Gazelle Small Deer
Edison Origin: Old English Son Of EDA (2) Son of Edward
Edmon Prosperous Protector
Edmond Origin: French Prosperous Protector Wealthy Defender Wealthy Protector English, French, Dutch, Romanian, Hungarian form of Edmund (meaning: Guardian of property).
Edmund Origin: Old English Wealthy Defender Prosperous Protection Rich Protector Protector of Prosperity
Edmundo Origin: Spanish, Portuguese Prosperous Protector Wealthy Guard Wealthy Protector
Edouard Origin: Old English Wealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Guard Of His Wealth
Edric Origin: English (Rare) Wealth Fortune Wealthy Ruler Rich Ruler
Edrick Wealthy Ruler Powerful Property-holder
Edris Wealthy Defender Protector of Prosperity Female Version of Edmund
Edsel Origin: Rich Man's Estate From Ed's Hall Noble Bright Rich
Edson Son of Edward Ed's Son Son of Domingo
Eduard Origin: German, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Catalan Wealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Prosperous Guardian Guardian of Prosperity Old English origin, meaning: Guardian of possession. Traditional, popular in many countries name. Known by the Baron Eduard in Goethe's novel "The Elective Affinities" (1809). Namesakes: Eduard Möricke, German writer.
Eduardo Origin: Old English Wealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Wealth Fortune Prosperous Guardian Guardian of Prosperity Guard Of His Wealth
Edvin Origin: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Estonian, Hu Born at Easter Goddess of the Dawn Easter Time Swedish form of Edwin (meaning composition of "possession" and "friend").
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