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Kian Rejoiced Short Form of Katherine and Other Names Beginning with K Happy Pure Clear Form of Katherine Virginal Keeper of the Keys Elder Sister Kings Royal Ancient Distant Lord Krishna English In addition to the form of Cian (meaning: the old, stable).
Kiante Follower of Christ From the Camp of the Roman Army
Kidus God will Add Feminine of Joseph
Kiefer Origin: English (Modern) Pine Tree Sharp Ancient Fighter Eye Distant
Kiel Handsome The Valley of the Kent Abbreviation of Kenneth Surname Beautiful
Kieran Origin: Old Irish Small and Dark-skinned Dark Swarthy Little Dark One Black Little Black One Black Irish The Black
Kieren Archer's Bow Yew Bow Army Yew Wood Yew Wood was Used for Bows Fragrance
Kiernan Follower of Christ From the Camp of the Roman Army Charming Sincere Friend Good Friend Honourable Comrade Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Kieron Origin: Old Irish Beautiful The Black
Kierre Beautiful
Kieth Warrior Fighter Champion
Kila Flame Fire
Kile Jehovah has Given Gift of God Love
Kilian Origin: Old Irish Jehovah has Given Gift of God Love Maybe War
Killian Origin: Old Irish God will Add Feminine of Joseph Maybe War
Kim Warrior Chief Noble Chief Regal Hill Brave King Golden One from the Meadow From the Royal Fortress Meadow Chief War Armlet Noble or Brave What English short form of Kimberly and Kimberley (meaning similar to an English town or family name) a boy name. In Germany increasingly widespread. Widely known through the novel (1901) by Rudyard Kipling. Namesake: Kim Basinger, American actress.
Kimani Origin: Gikuyu Dark Haired One Ruler County in Ireland Dusky Dark Maybe Great
Kimari To Imagine
Kimball Origin: English Warrior Chief Noble Brave Leader of the Warriors Royal Courage Welsh origin, meaning: commander.
Kimber Origin: Old English Ruler Cyneburg's Field Cyneburga's Field
Kimberly Origin: Old English Cyborgs Field Ruler From the Meadow of the Royal Fortress Cyneburga's Field
Kimble Bold War-leader Warrior Chief
Kimi Origin: Finnish Youthful Downy-bearded Variant of Julia Jove's Child Star Crossed Lover in the Shakespearian Tragedy Romeo and Juliet Youth Descended from Jupiter (Jove) Soft Bearded Star Crossed Love
Kimo Origin: Hebrew Ruler Cyneburg's Field Yahweh May Protect
Kindle Dark Skinned Swamp Friend Little Dark One Dark Black
King Origin: English Monarch Ruler Yumi King
Kingsley Origin: Old English King's Wood From the King's Wood or Meadow King's Forest Clearing
Kingston Origin: English (Modern) King's Town From the King's Village or Estate King's Field King is One of Several Titles Occasionally Used as Given Names English name, meaning: of the royal house.
Kion Ruler Cyneburg's Field
Kip Origin: English Male Salmon From the Pointed Hill
Kipp From the Pointed Hill
Kipton From the Royal Fortress Meadow
Kiptyn Phonetic Name Based on Initials Combination of Initials J and D
Kiran Origin: Indian, Pakistani, Urdu Dust Dark Skinned Swamp Friend Little Dark One Dark Black Sun Rays Ray of Light Beam of Light Divine Indian name, meaning: light beam.
Kirby Origin: Old Norse Church Village Form the Church Town Surname Village with the Church Maybe Village With Church
Kirin Poet
Kirk Origin: Old Norse Dweller by the Church Church
Kirkland Helmeted Chief Armoured Head Rough-headed
Kirt Bright White Edge Border Chief Most Beautiful
Kishan Origin: Indian Victorious Prince Royal Victory Lord Krishna
Kit Origin: English Follower of Christ Nickname for Christopher Frontiersman Kit Carson Anointed Christian Nickname for Katherine Form of Catherine Pure
Kiyan Terror Kings Royal
Kiyoshi Origin: Japanese Pure Handsome Form of Kenneth Sprung from Fire Japanese name meaning: the quiet, Reine.
Klaus Origin: German, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish Fair Haired Short form (of meaning composition: "victory" and "people") of Nicholas. In Germany the mid 20th century very popular. Namesakes: Klaus Kinski, German actor.
Klay Land Belonging to Cyneburg Cyneburga's Land Cyneburg's Field Royal Fortress Meadow
Klayton Victorious Prince Royal Victory
Klint Bright White Edge Border Chief Most Beautiful
Klinton Victorious Prince Royal Victory
Knowledge Victorious Prince Royal Victory
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