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Waddell Bitterness Rebelliousness Form of Molly From Mary
Wade Origin: Old English To Go Ford Moving From the River Crossing River Fo
Waldemar Rule Famous Ruler Old High German origin, meaning:
Walden From the Wooden Valley Powerful Abbreviation of Os
Waldo Ruler Powerful Abbreviation of Divine Power God's
Waldon From the Welshman's Hill
Waleed Newborn Child Father
Wali Sword Friend Polished Chief Hairless Conquering No
Walid Newborn From the Wooden Valley Powerful Abbreviati
Walker Origin: Old English Fuller Cloth Washer One who Thickens Cloth Occupat
Wallace Origin: Old French Welshman Stranger Foreign Celtic From Wales
Wallie Welshman From Wales
Wallis Stranger Welshman Foreign Celtic From Wales
Wally Ruler of the Army Welshman Variant of Walter Rules
Walt Army Ruler Variant of Walter Rules People of Power
Walter Ruler Of The Army People of Power Powerful Warrior
Walton Stream Town Walled From the Welshman's Farm From t
Wanya Strong Courageous Healthy
Ward Origin: Arabic Guard Bard Surname Guardian Watchman
Wardell Watch Hill Watchman's Hill Wear Valley
Warner Army Guard Protecting Army Defending Warrior
Warren Origin: Old French Watchman Park Warden Loyal Game Park
Warrick Fortress From the Buildings Near the Weir Leader w
Waseem Origin: Arabic HonestHandsome
Wash Farmer Free Man Strong and Masculine Man Form of C
Washington Town Belonging To Wassa's People Settlement Associ
Watson Son of Walter
Watt Hurdle
Waverly From the Brushwood Field Meadow of Quivering Aspen
Wayde From the Quaking Aspen Tree Meadow Medieval Given
Waylan Variant of Wayland From the Land by the Path Moder
Wayland Origin: Old High German War-land Brave Fight From the Land by the Highway
Waylen Variant of Wayland From the Land by the Path
Waylon Origin: Old High German War Land Variant of Wayland From the Land by the P
Wayman Ruler Powerful Abbreviation of Divine Power God's
Waymon Twin Form of Thomas
Waymond Watchman's Hill Wear Valley
Wayne Wagon Maker Wagon Builder Cartwright English name,
Weaver Hurdle
Webb Weaver
Webster Weaver
Weldon Hill Near A Spring From the Spring Hill Hill Near
Welford From the Spring by the Ford Ford Near the Well
Wellington From the Wealthy Estate Place Name
Wells Springs From the Wells From the Spring
Welton From the Spring Farm Town Near the Well
Wendall Traveler Wanderer
Wendel A Wend Wanderer Short form of names with "spiral"
Wendelin From the Spring by the Ford Ford Near the Well Sho
Wendell Origin: Old High German A Wend Wanderer
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