Ancient Baby Names - Page 1

Ancient Names for Boy        Ancient Names for Girl
AcaciusBoy Virtuous
AchaikosBoy Variant of Achaicus
AdalberhtBoy Noble and bright
AdalbernBoy Noble
AdalbertBoy Noble shining

AdalfunsBoy Noble and ready
AdalhardBoy Noble
AdalheidisGirl Noble One
AdalwinBoy Noble
AdalwolfBoy Noble Wolf
AdelaGirl Noble
AdelaisGirl Short form of Adalheidis meaning "the noble one"
AdelinaGirl Noble
AdelmarBoy Noble
AdolfBoy Noble Wolf
AdolphusBoy Noble Wolf
AeliaGirl Sun
AelianaGirl The Sun
AelianusBoy Derivative of Aelius meaning "Sun"
AeliusBoy Sun
AemiliaGirl Derivative of Aemilius Rival
AemilianaGirl Female form of Aemilianus
AemilianusBoy Derivation of family name Aemilius
AemiliusBoy Rival
AenorGirl God's Light from Hebrew elements 'El' and 'or'
AeschylusBoy Shame
AesopBoy Storyteller and Fabulist in Greek mythology
AetiusBoy Eagle
AgapeGirl Love
AgapetosBoy Variant of Agapetus
AgapetusBoy Beloved
AgapiosBoy From Agape meaning love
AgathaGirl Good
AgatheGirl Came from Agathos meaning Good
AgathonBoy Masculine form of Agatha
AghiBoy Old Norse variation of ove
AgmundrBoy Sword of the protector from Old Norse elements Egg and Mund
AgnesGirl Chaste
AgrippaBoy Girl Wild
AgrippinaGirl Born feet first
AhenobarbusBoy Bronze Beard
AhmoseBoy Son Of Iah
AikaterineGirl Each of the two
AkakiosBoy Innocent Not Evil
AkhenatenBoy Spelling variant of Akhenaton

AkhenatonBoy Spirit Of Aton
AlaricBoy Ruler Of All
Alba Girl Bright White
Alba Girl Elf
AlbanusBoy From Alba
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