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Arabic Names for Boy        Arabic Names for Girl
AaliBoy High Lofty Sublime
AaliyahGirl Sunshine Bright High Sublime Exalted One
AaminaGirl Mother of Prophet Muhammad
AaminahGirl Secured Safe Name of the Beloved Mother of the Prophet Muhammad
AamirBoy Prosperous

AbbasBoy Austere
Abd Al-AzizBoy Servant Of The Powerful
Abd Al-HamidBoy Servant Of The Praised
Abd Al-KaderBoy Servant of Powerful
Abd Al-KarimBoy Servant Of The Generous
Abd AllahBoy Servant Of Allah
Abd Al-LatifBoy Servant Of The Gentle
Abd Al-MalikBoy Servant Of The King
Abd Al-QadirBoy Servant Of The Capable Powerful
Abd Al-RahmanBoy Servant Of The Merciful
Abd Al-RashidBoy Servant Of The Rightly Guided
Abd Al-WaliBoy Servant Of The Guardian
AbdulBoy Servant Of The
Abdul-AzizBoy Servant of the Powerful
Abdul-HamidBoy Servant of the praiseworthy
AbdullahBoy Servant Of Allah
Abdul-RahmanBoy Servant of the merciful
Abdur-RahmanBoy Servant of Merciful
Abdur-RashidBoy Servant of the rightly guided
AbuBoy Father Of
Abu Al-FadlBoy Father of virtue
Abu BakrBoy Father-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad
Abul-FazlBoy Father of generosity
AdamBoy Man
AdelBoy Just Honest
AdilBoy Fair Honest Just
AdilaGirl Feminine form of Adil
AdnanBoy Settler
AfafGirl Chastity
AfifBoy Chaste
Afra Girl Whitish Red
AfzalBoy Better Superior
AhmadBoy More Commendable
AhmedBoy Most Highly Adored
AidaGirl Visitor Returning
AishaGirl Alive
AkeemBoy Wise
AkilahGirl Intelligent
AkramBoy Most Generous
AlaBoy Excellence Elevation

Ala Al-DinBoy Excellence Of Religion
Al-AmirBoy The Commander The Prince
Ali Boy Lofty Sublime
Alia Girl
AlimBoy Learned Expert Scholar
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