Arabic Baby Names - Page 2

Arabic Names for Boy        Arabic Names for Girl
Alina Girl Noble
Aliya Girl
Aliyah Girl
AliyyaGirl My Own Meadow Hermitage in At the Clearing Place Name His Very Own Meadow
AliyyahGirl Sublime To Move Forward

AlmasBoy Girl Diamond
AlyaGirl Sky Heaven Loftiness
Amal Boy Girl Hope Aspiration
AmaniGirl Wishes
AminBoy Truthful
AminaGirl Aristocratic Lady Basket for Clothes
Aminah Girl Feel Safe
Aminah Girl
Amir Boy Commander Prince
Amira Girl
AmirahGirl All-knowing All Wise Loved Friend
AmjadBoy More Glorious
AmmarBoy Virtuous Devout
AmnaGirl Safety
AnasBoy Friendliness
AnassBoy Sublime Noble Friend Wise Friend Infinite
AnisBoy Friendly Friend
AnisaGirl Without Night Loveable
AnwarBoy Brighter More Luminous
AqilBoy Intelligent Wise
AqilaGirl Counsel from the Elves Elf Magical Counsel
ArijGirl Fragrance
ArwaGirl Mountain Goat
AsadBoy Lion
AshfaqBoy Compassions Kindness
AshraqatGirl Brightness
AsifBoy Forgiveness
Asim Boy Protector
AsmaGirl Supreme
AsmaaGirl Appellations Names
AsraGirl Travel At Night
Ata Boy Gift
AtaullahBoy Gift Of God
AtifBoy Affection Kindness
AtifaGirl Empathy Affectionate Sympathetic
AtiyaBoy Girl Gift
AtufBoy Loving
AydaGirl Returning Visitor

AyeshaGirl Aisha was the Name of the Favourite Wife of the Prophet Mohammed Small One
AyishahGirl Form of Augustus Revered Exalted Worthy of Respect Great Magnificent
AymanBoy Right-Handed Blessed Lucky
AyyubBoy Swordsman's Stone Long Lived Handsome Long Life
AzharBoy Shining Bright
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