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AaliHigh Lofty Sublime
Abd Al-AzizServant Of The Powerful
Abd Al-HamidServant Of The Praised

Abd Al-KaderServant of Powerful
Abd Al-KarimServant Of The Generous
Abd AllahServant Of Allah
Abd Al-LatifServant Of The Gentle
Abd Al-MalikServant Of The King
Abd Al-QadirServant Of The Capable Powerful
Abd Al-RahmanServant Of The Merciful
Abd Al-RashidServant Of The Rightly Guided
Abd Al-WaliServant Of The Guardian
AbdulServant Of The
Abdul-AzizServant of the Powerful
Abdul-HamidServant of the praiseworthy
AbdullahServant Of Allah
Abdul-RahmanServant of the merciful
Abdur-RahmanServant of Merciful
Abdur-RashidServant of the rightly guided
AbuFather Of
Abu Al-FadlFather of virtue
Abu BakrFather-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad
Abul-FazlFather of generosity
AdelJust Honest
AdilFair Honest Just
AfzalBetter Superior
AhmadMore Commendable
AhmedMost Highly Adored
AkramMost Generous
AlaExcellence Elevation
Ala Al-DinExcellence Of Religion
Al-AmirThe Commander The Prince
Ali Lofty Sublime
AlimLearned Expert Scholar
Amal Hope Aspiration
Amir Commander Prince
AmjadMore Glorious

AmmarVirtuous Devout
AnisFriendly Friend
AnwarBrighter More Luminous
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