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Armenian Names for Boy        Armenian Names for Girl
AghavniGirl Dove
AleksandrBoy Old Aged and Wise Ruler Old Wise Leader
AlmastGirl Diamond
AnahidGirl Infamous Noble Man
AnahitGirl Aristocratic Lady Basket for Clothes

AnoushGirl Grace Favour Blossom Eternal Everlasting
AnushGirl Sweet
AraBoy Answered Prayer To Pray for
Aram Boy Excellence
AraxGirl Noble Female Version of Albert from the Old German Bright Noble Famous
ArevikGirl Like The Sun
Ari Boy Brave
ArmenBoy Meadow of the Hare Place Name Hare-meadow From the Long Field
ArsenBoy Little Eagle
AvedisBoy Season Name The Fall Season Autumn
AvetisBoy Good News
DanielBoy God Is My Judge
EduardBoy Wealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Prosperous Guardian Guardian of Prosperity
EdvardBoy Wealthy Guardian Wealthy Defender Wealthy Rich Blessed Guardian of Prosperity
GarenBoy Free Man
GeghardBoy Lance Spear
GevorgBoy Variable Brave with the Spear Spear Rule
GoharGirl Jewel
GrigorBoy Farmer
GurgenBoy Wolf
HagopBoy Hill Near Meadows Triangular Hill
HaigBoy From the Hedged Enclosure From the Enclosed with Hedges
HaikBoy Lion King of Jungle
HakobBoy Darling Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
HaykBoy Armenian
HenrikBoy House Owner Lord of the Manor
HovhannesBoy Generous Diamond
HovikBoy From the Hare's Meadow Meadow of the Hares Female Version of Harley

HovsepBoy From the Hollow Valley Kindly Gracious
HurikGirl Small Fire
Karen Boy
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