10 common mistakes most parents make when planning a room for their baby

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Posted on: November 23rd, 2017by Ivana Stamenkovic

Setting up a nursery for your baby should be fun and exciting, but it can be exhausting, too. There's just so much to think about, and while trying to make everything perfect, most parents overlook some things. These are just some common mistakes most parents make when planning a room for their baby.

1. There's No Place for You
Even though the room belongs to a baby, there should be a place for you. A place where you can sit and relax while feeding your baby. Most parents prefer a rocking chair, but it can also be an armchair or even a bed.

2. There's No Any Food (for You)
During long, troublesome nights, or even days, it's essential that you have a food stash in the vicinity. Put it somewhere near your comfy seating, but make sure it's within your baby's reach. You can store some crackers, chips, or anything else that won't rotten that quickly. And don't forget the water.

3. There's No Rug on the Floor
While you might not be able to change the flooring in the whole house, you should pay attention to the flooring in the nursery. Hardwood surfaces aren't the best option. They are slippery, and a baby that falls over might get hurt. To prevent this, you should invest in an area rug. Even if the nursery already has a carpet.

4. There's Clutter Everywhere
Clutter is never good, but in a nursery, it can be particularly dangerous. It’s important that you always put things back in their place and out of your baby's reach. Even some toys could be a safety hazard to a newborn baby. You should think about organizing things in boxes, just make sure that all boxes have lids, and that the lids are secured.

5. Something is Hanging Over the Crib
Try not to hang anything over the crib. It's just not worth the risk. It may fall, or your baby could pull it down, once she learns how to stand. If you decide to hang something there, make sure it's securely attached. You should pull the crib away from the wall, and you may even use an earthquake-safe picture hook.

6. The Crib You Bought is too Cheap or Outdated
Cheap crib might not be safe, and it definitely won't last long enough. And if you're thinking about using a hand-me-down crib, it's always a good idea to check if all pieces are there and if the crib meets all current safety standards.

7. You Bought Too Expensive Crib
Before you buy an expensive crib, think whether you really need all those extra features. The only real concerns are the sturdiness and the height - the crib should be high enough to keep the baby in, while at the same time parents should be able to reach over for her.

8. You Bought Crib Bumper Pads
Yes, they look cute, but they are a real strangulation hazard. Soft bedding increases the risk of SIDS, so you should also never leave any pillows and stuffed toys in the crib. Instead, you should find a crib with thin slats. They'll keep your baby safe in, and there'll be no harsh edges she could bump on.

9. A Diaper Pail is Near the Crib
No matter how good the odor-blocking mechanism is, you should never put a diaper pail near the crib. It'll eventually start to smell. If the nursery is too small, you should put it in a different place in the house.

10. You're preparing the Nursery Late
There's just so much to prepare, so setting up a nursery might not be on the top of your priorities. However, once the baby comes, you won't have time for anything, so you should prepare the nursery before the baby is born. And not just that. You should make sure that at any time you have enough supplies in the room. Things like diapers, wet wipes, rash ointment, baby powder, and even some baby food or formula milk, should be purchased in advance. You may also think about buying them in bulk. You won't have enough time to go back and forth to the store.

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