Ten Names with a Presidential Flair

Posted on: May 13th, 2017\""by Ruth Fitzpatrick

After a big election year there is always an upsurge in presidentially-inspired names: we're going to bet that there'll be a lot more Ivankas and Barrons rubbing shoulders with little Hillarys and Bernies in kindergartens across the States over the next few years! Giving your child a name that commemorates a past president can be a beautiful demonstration of patriotism, aspiration and respect. And if you needed any more persuasion, some of these names are super cute! Here are our ten favorite:

Grant Because Ulysses is a mouthful, hard to spell and can sound a little pretentious (thanks, James Joyce!), it's probably best to go with 18's surname: Grant. A great name in its own right, it means "large" or "tall", so if you're expecting a bruiser, this might just be the name for you!

Madison Originally reserved for baby boys, Madison's popularity has absolutely skyrocketed as a girl's name, and in recent years has consistently placed in the USA's top 20 names. As a spelling variation, Madsen is definitely worth consideration and could be a way of ensuring an element of uniqueness to your little girl's name. Maddy and Maddie as diminutives are also really cute, though hopefully they won't prove too apt once she enters her terrible twos!!

Franklin The name of two presidents and a Founding Father, this name carries a lot of gravitas and is absolutely steeped in American history. Frank is definitely still the more common of the two names, but we think the extra syllable gives this some added elegance.

Georgina More unique than the always popular Georgia, we love this feminized form of "George". We also can't think of a more aspirational name for a little girl than the Founding Father and first president, George Washington

Bram Prospective parents in the US are still far more likely to opt for Abraham or Abe, but we think this variation is definitely worthy of consideration. This popular Dutch name sounds much softer than the originals while still packing quite the punch. Meaning "father of multitudes" as well as being the name of one of most iconic presidents makes this name heavy with significance and a powerful name for any little boy.

Quincy An adorable unisex name, this is one we hope to see gain in popularity over the coming years. Strong but playful, it could be the perfect name for your little girl. But if you're really set on naming your son after the 6th president, we prefer Quinn!

Calvin A name that has remained steadily popular over the last number of decades, this name still manages to sound fashionable and fresh. But given that's it's derived from the Latin for "bald, hairless", just hope that it doesn't prove too prophetic!

McKinley – another unisex name which we feel works best for girls. Meaning "son of the fair hero" in Scottish Gaelic, it is one of many "Mc" names proving popular as a given name. It sounds simultaneously elegant and powerful, with maybe a pinch of preppy! Since its popularity is rising more rapidly with parents of baby girls than for baby boys, we suggest Mack as an alternative for your son.

Harrison Literally meaning "son of Harry", this is a name which sounds unique and also more sophisticated than either Harry or Harris. Although the 9th president of the United States is somewhat infamous for holding the record of shortest presidency in the nation's history, his grandson, Benjamin Harrison, did better when he became president over half a century later. With this association of family legacy, Harrison is a beautiful and commanding name for your new son.

Millie Time to drop a truth bomb: things we don't see happening? The name "Millard" making a comeback. Millie, on the other hand, we absolutely just love. Although frequently heard in Britain, American parents are more likely to opt for the currently uber-popular Mila. Originally the diminutive form of Mildred or Millicent, we much prefer it as a name in its own right! That being said, we really like that both names mean "strong"; we think this makes it a wonderfully suitable name for a future strong, independent little girl. Maybe even a future president?!

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