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Posted on: August 16th, 2019by Elizabeth Henderson

Chicago is one of the most celebrated cities in the US. The city is defined by a unique culture and a variety of other factors that set it apart from the other American cities. Chicago is popular for Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, Chicago-style hot dogs, unique structures like Sears Tower, jazz music, museums, Chicago pizza, old generation gangsters like Al Capone, frigid winters, delicious cupcakes, and most successful American sports teams. To add to this list is adorable baby names inspired by the local culture.

Maggie The famous Maggie Daley Park inspires the name. The park sits on a 20-acre land in the Loop Community Area at a close proximity to Lake Michigan. Maggie Daley Park is named after the former first lady of Chicago. Maggie’s immense contributions to the city and the popularity of the park have both led to the popularity of this name.

Clark Clark Street is a long street that runs from through the city from north to south and runs close to Lake Michigan. The street is named after George Clark, the early American Revolutionary war hero, credited with capturing the Northwest Territory from the British control. Therefore, in Chicago, this name is associated with bravery and independence.

Addison Addison is a village in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. This name has risen in popularity in the recent time. Addison is used exclusively as a first name for the baby girls. It has its origin in the Scottish culture.

Anderson The name Anderson is a derivative of Andersonville in the north of Chicago. The name is used to express love for the north side. Andersonville is a beautiful area with restaurants and a vibrant outdoor life. Hence, Anderson has become a popular first name for the newborn males in Chicago.

Lake Lake is a great name for a baby girl. Lake Michigan is a prominent feature in the city of Chicago. This name is derived from the lake. A lake is source of natural wonder. Using it for a baby name creates an aura of mystic splendor in the person.

Pilsen The name Pilsen is associated with the west side Chicago. The area is home to one of the largest populations of the Latinos outside Mexico. Thus, this area is heavily influenced by the Mexican culture. However, the use of this name does not necessarily mean that one identifies with the culture of any particular local groups; rather, it signifies a wholesome love for the area.

Ikram Ikram is a cute name for both genders. Even so, it is mostly used as first names for baby boys. Unlike the first six names mentioned above, this name is not associated with any geographical rather; instead, it is born out of the general culture of Chicago people.

Dutchie This name has been inspired by the popular sports culture in Chicago. Dutchie Caray, a legendary sportscaster had helped popularize this name. After spending 16 years of his career as an announcer for several clubs in Chicago, he became an epitome of success with whom many parents would want to associate the identity of their newborns.

Caray Despite this name being a surname for Dutchie Caray, most new moms in Chicago had adopted it as first names for their baby boys. The popular use of this name is also attached to the admiration that the Chicago people have for this sports icon.

Lolla The name Lolla is simple, cute, and elegant. The name is derived from Lollapalooza, the 4-day annual musical festival in Chicago. The festival takes place in the four days of August at the Grant Park. Lollapalooza is a significant aspect of the Chicago culture.

Lincoln Lincoln Park is one of the greatest landmarks, not only in, but also in the rest of America. The park is named after Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest presidents of the US, who also happens to be a native of Chicago. Therefore, this name is associated with greatness, pride, and honor for the people of Chicago.

Wrigley Wrigley is derived from Wrigleyville, the home to the second oldest stadium in the city. Wrigley Field is a basketball park established in 1914 in the northern side of the city. It is home to one of the city’s Major League Baseball teams, Chicago Cubs. The popularity of this name is born out of sports culture.

Alinea Born out of Chicago culture, this name has not specific geographical significance. Nevertheless, it has increased in popularity, in the past five years, as a first name for the baby boy.

Logan Logan Square is a popular destination for eat-outs and restaurants. The primary activities and families in the area support the Chicago dining culture. Logan is a unisex name that is influenced by the experience in Logan Square.

Field This name is associated with many geographical locations in the city of Chicago: Field Museum, Wrigley Field, and Soldier Field. All the three areas had significant historical meanings for the city dwellers.

Gibson Like Logan, Gibson is also associated with the Chicago dinning culture. The name is simple, elegant, and suitable for a cute little boy.

Roscoe Derive from the sleepy Roscoe Village in the northern side of the city; this name signifies the fun and leisure culture of the people of Chicago. The village is characterized by beautiful sidewalk patios, cozy and warm cafes, pretty brunch restaurants, and laid-back taverns. The name is very popular among fun lovers.

Devon Devon is a cute name for both boys and girls. The name is inspired by the Devon Avenue that runs from the west to the east of Chicago.

Ainslie Ainslie is one of the prettiest streets in the city of Chicago. Therefore, it makes for a cute name for the baby girl.

Banks Banks is an elegant and sweet name that has found popularity in Chicago. The name is associate with beauty and glamour, and is mostly used for the baby girls.

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