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Posted on: July 3rd, 2019by Elizabeth Henderson

Different races and cultures characterize the Illinois population. The interaction among these races had created a unique culture for the state. The collection of baby names illustrates the cultural identity of the people of Illinois. Like the other American cities, the environment, the local and national trends, influences the Illinois o naming culture. The new moms are motivated by the desire to give names that have personal meanings to them or to their families. In this article, I will highlight some of the most popular names in Illinois in 2019, some of which have dominated the list of top names in the city for 5 years consecutively.

Noah and Olivia If you have been around Illinois for more than one year, you will agree with me that Noah and Olivia have become so common among the newborns. Noah, that means comfort, has dominated the list of most popular names among the boys. On the other hand, Olivia, number one among the top names for girls, is derived from the olive tree. Olivia means peace. Looking at the meanings of both names, one notices that they represent the joy of having a baby.

Liam and Emma Like Noah and Olivia, Liam and Emma have also dominated the list of the most popular names, not only in Illinois but also across the other states in America, for more than 3 years. Emma originates from the German culture and it means universal. Liam is the shorter version of the name William. The name came from the Old French culture where it meant one born with strong will. Hence, the name is suitable for children born under difficult circumstances whose survival is entirely on their will to live.

Alexander and Sophia Coming up in the third position are the names Alexander and Sophia. Alexander is a name from the Greek culture whose meaning is the people’s defender. During the early centuries, this name was used mostly for boys born in the bloodline of warriors. Its most famous bearer, Alexander the Great, is one of the greatest conquerors he word has ever seen. Sophia is an ancient Greek name that means wisdom. The name has been in use in the English culture since 17th century. Today, it is a common name all over the world. It has dominated the top one hundred most popular names in the US for over ten years.

Mia and Jacob Mia is originally a Latin name. In Latin, it means wished-for-child. This is a unique meaning for a name. The name is suitable for mothers who have had difficulties conceiving or troublesome pregnancies. If such a baby turns out to be a girl, Mia is the name. Jacob is a name from the Jewish culture and it means supplanting. In other words, Jacob is a natural born leader. The name is mostly associated with Jacob the son of Isaac and Rebecca; the father of the Jewish nation.

Isabella and William Isabella is a derivative of the name Elizabeth; which is a Hebrew name that means devoted to God. This name has an important meaning for the families that are committed to faith. By issuing this name, the mom declares that the baby is of God and that she would be guided in the godly ways. This would be the ideal meaning; however, this is not usually the case. William means one born with a strong will. This name has been in use-across the European cultures-for so many centuries.

Michael and Ava Michael means who is like God. The name was originally used in the Hebrew culture and is synonymous with the Arch Angel Michael. Ava comes from the Latin word avis which means bird. Birds are known for freedom and ability to fly very high distances across the sky. In addition, they are also beautiful to behold. Hence, Ava is a beautiful and inspiring name for a baby girl.

Sofia and Benjamin Sofia is a derivative of Sophia, whose meaning is wisdom. Benjamin is a Hebrew name that means son of the right hand. In Hebrew culture, the son of the right hand was the heir to the father’s estate. If the father was a king, the son was the crown prince. Benjamin is more than a name; it is a declaration of parental blessings on the baby. If he grows with the knowledge of the meaning of is name, he may live in these blessings.

Daniel and Abigail Daniel is a Hebrew name that means God is my strength. The name is mostly associated with the biblical Daniel whose unwavering faith in God saw him subdue a lion. This name is very common among those who profess the Christian faith. Similarly, Abigail is a Hebrew name that means the father’s joy. This name signifies a child born out of love and commitment of the parents to each other.

Mason and Emily Emily is a derivative of the Latin name Aemilia which means industrious. The name is not only popular in Chicago but across the US. Since 2017, it has kept its position among the top twenty most popular names in America. Mason is an Old English whose meaning is stoneworker. The meaning of this name is not very attractive. Even so, like Emily, it has also dominated the American lists of popular names for quite some time in the recent years.

James and Amelia Closing off our list of the top twenty most popular names in Illinois in 2019 are the names James and Amelia. James is a derivative of the Hebrew name Jacob. Similarly, Amelia is a diminutive of the Latin name Aemilia which means industrious. James means supplanter or a natural leader. The most famous bearers of this name include LeBron James, James Blunt, James Belushi, James Cromwell, James Brolin, James Caan, and James Cameron. Search articles on: Baby Names American Names Illinois Names Popular Baby Names