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Posted on: February 4th, 2018by Casey Anderson

Baby naming is exciting. It’s also overwhelming sometimes. What do you base your baby’s name off of? A family name, a name you like, a meaning you like, or what about a place? Place names are very popular now.

Maybe because you grew up there, moved there, vacation there or just love the name of a place. There are lots of options. Here we’re going to look at state names in the USA. Sometimes a little more unique then just the exact name, but it still represents that state to you.

Place names can be very special because you can always take your child to visit the places they were named after. You can show them what it was about that place that made it so special to you and why you chose to use that as your baby’s name.

These are in no particular order, and not all states are included.


Massa Might sound weird at first, but let it grow on you. This pretty girl’s name represents Massachusetts.

Rhode or Rhoda This name has been popular before, with the “a” spelling. But we think Rhode works just as well. This is a homage to the small state of Rhode Island.

Conne A name less heard nowadays, but unique for its namesake here, Connecticut. It’s also spelled Connie.

Jersey This state name, from New Jersey, sounds just good on its own. It reads like a girls name to me.

Dela How pretty is that? This short and sweet name inspired by Delaware is sure to be a favorite.

Mary This one is always common, but you know you picked it for the state, Maryland.

Virginia A bonus here, it works for both the state of Virginia and West Virginia.

Penny Not an exact match, but we feel like Penny is a good name to source from Pennsylvania.

Sylvia Another good Pennsylvania sourced name. We had to pick 2 here.

Carolina I happen to love this one; I think it’s a beautiful radiant sounding name. It represents both North and South Carolina.

Georgia This is not an uncommon state name, but it has dipped in popularity. You can help bring it back.

Rida This stylish name inspired by Florida is a trendy new way to spell Rita.

Diana Not a new name, but here it represents Indiana, which makes it special.

Ida Another one you’ve probably heard before. It’s such a pretty little name. We chose it here for Idaho.

Rizo A unique name, but you may have heard it on the movie Grease. It’s edgy and catching. We got this one from Arizona.


Monty This rustic sounding name works both for Vermont and Montana.

Conner Another one sourced from Connecticut. You could maybe name boy/girl twins Connie and Conner. How cool would that be?

Washington As a first name, we think this is really cool. It works for both the state or the DC. It sounds smart and political.

York This one’s a bit different, but we think it’s a cool and unique boys name.

Kent Kent sounds hip, like Kent just came home from college and everyone’s excited to see him. Inspired by the state Kentucky.

Mich I’ve known some Michs that were very particular about their name not being Michael, just Mich. It was a definite source of pride. Represent Michigan with this.

Tenne A laid back sounding name, Tenne is someone who won’t get easily rattled. Tennessee is the source here.

Arkan I love this you unique and edgy sounding name for a boy. Inspired by Arkansas, it has so much potential.

Louis An old aristocratic name, we choose it here for Louisiana.

Bam That’s right, a punchy three letter name. I didn’t like this one at first, but once I met a Bam the name started to grow on me. used for Alabama.

Dakota This one is relatively popular for both boys and girls. It has a lovely ring to it and represents both the North and South state.

Raska Another name with an edgy sound, this is inspired by Nebraska. The name sounds tough, like, Raska could survive all sorts of tough winters.

Rado Another short and punchy name, it’s reminiscent of Rambo, but less cliché. This boy’s name is inspired by Colorado.

Cal This name is often short for something, like Calhoun. But, we think it has a nice ring to it by itself. Cal here is for California.

Arizona This name jumped over 7,000 places in names for boys last year. It’s still not extremely popular, but obviously on the rise.

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