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Posted on: May 21st, 2017by Ruth Fitzpatrick

The results are in and we have 2016's top 1000 baby names! And we've trawled through them all to find each letter's top pick!

A is for Alexander – just outside the top 10, a name associated with strength and power over the ages and now seeing an added boost in response to the increased interest in the Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton.

B is for Benjamin – a biblical name with a strong history and a sense of gravitas, with a number of highly friendly and accessible nicknames to choose from.

C is for Connor – one of a large number of Irish names enjoying a place in the top 100, Connor has deep historical and mythological roots and means 'lover of hounds'.

D is for Daniel – meaning 'God is my judge', if its popularity continues, it will be celebrating 45 years in the top 15 next year!

E is for Elijah – a very popular biblical choice, Elijah sounds sophisticated, dignified and increasingly fashionable. It came in at #9 in 2016, but watch this space: it could be even higher in 2017!

F is for Finn – an Irish name meaning 'fair or white', in mythology he was a handsome, cunning, and frequently lovesick warrior. Simple, swift and fresh, Grayson keeps on rising!

G is for Grayson – meaning 'the son of the bailiff', there is a slightly bullish nature to this name. Commanding but affable, Grayson was #37 in 2016.

H is for Henry – an absolutely classic, associated with royalty, presidents and countless literary figures from history. It's extremely cute diminutive, Harry, is also a major selling point.

I is for Isaac – another Old Testament name which continues to be a popular choice for new parents. Meaning 'laughter', it's the perfect name for a smiley baby boy!

J is for James – after seeing a lull in popularity in the 80s and 90s, James has come back with a boom and is currently sitting at #5. An English variation of the biblical Jacob, James is timelessly simple and stylish.

K is for Kevin – classic Irish name with a long history in the US, Kevin made it to #89 last year. Meaning 'handsome', it seems an extremely suitable name for a lot of little baby boys!

L is for Liam – Yet another Irish name to make it onto our A to Z, Liam is now incredibly popular in the US, narrowly missing out on the top spot. While it sounds more playful than the English William and has a certain sing-song sound to it, Liam has a bit of a roguish side to it too, largely in thanks to Irish actor, Liam Neeson.

M is for Michael – a biblical name with huge cultural and religious cross-over, Michael has never strayed far from the top 10. The classic choice is considered a genial and sincere choice.

N is for Noah – number 1 in the US for three years running, Noah is a biblical name which manages to sounds incredibly fresh and fashionable, in spite of its ancient roots. It looks to be a popular choice for many more years!

O is for Oliver – popular all across the English-speaking world, Oliver came in at #12 in the US last year. It's an extremely likable name with a dash of flair.

P is for Parker – a classic surname-as-a-given-name, Parker sounds modern and powerful.

Q is for Quinn – not just the top Q-name for the boys, but also the girls!

R is for Ryan – an Irish surname popular in the US for decades. Currently sitting at #40, this name meaning 'little king' is a lovely choice for any little prince!

S is for Sebastian – a cosmopolitan, cross-cultural choice that's popular across the world, that's just broken into the American top 25.

T is for Thomas – a name that's lot some of its appeal over the last few decades, Thomas still makes it to the top 50. It's a classic with a huge amount of historical depth.

U is for Uriel – a Hebrew name meaning 'God is my light', we can't see it moving too far up the chart from its current position of #529.

V is for Vincent – a sleek choice which is making a comeback. Currently just out of the top 100 at #104.

W is for William – always a strong, popular choice for centuries, just nipped to second place by its Irish brother, Liam.

X is for Xavier – a Basque or Arabic name has become much more popular in recent years, currently at #88, maybe because of its unusual initial letter.

Y is for Yusuf – the Arabic variant of Joseph was last year's top Y-name, but at #566, it doesn't look to be in a position to challenge the more familiar classic at #20.

Z is for Zachary – once extremely popular, it's a name that's been falling out of favor with new parents in the US recently. Even still, Zachary takes the top Z-spot, coming in overall at #90.

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