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Posted on: March 1st, 2018by Casey Anderson

I don’t know about you but when I think of children, I think of space and time travel! Ok, not really. But, one of my favorite things to share with children are the books that I love! And with the upcoming A Wrinkle in Time movie, this one is on my mind! What better source of baby names could you find than something you love? Especially if that something introduced you to a world of imagination that you previously didn’t think possible?

The way science and fantasy were blended in this book got the attention of lots of kids. It even encouraged some kids to want to pursue a scientific education. How cool would it be to sit with your kid one day and tell them they were named after this awesome piece of literature?

The upcoming movie has some heavy hitters, like Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and more. It’s bound to be pretty good. So, if your one of many people who loved the novel growing up, or is you just think the movie looks cool, check out this list of names inspired by the classic!

Margaret Margaret, called Meg, is the protagonist in this story. She is brilliant and awkward, stubborn and kind. She manages to be an exceptional character while still being a believable for a teenage girl. The name means “pearl.” You could always just use the name Meg if you wanted it to sound less old fashion.

Wallace Wallace is the extraordinary younger child of the story. I like Wallace as a name, it seems to have a bit more originality than Charles. Though, the way he is often referred to in the book, by both names, I think is even better. He is the most…science-fictiony human character. The name means “a stranger.”

Murry Murry is a variant of the name Murray, which means “from an area near the sea.” Murry is the last name of the Meg’s family, which is followed through all the books. It has a “good old boys” sort of feel that is welcoming.

Calvin Calvin is a friend of the main family that ends up going on this trip with Meg and Charles Wallace. He also has some telepathic abilities of his own. The name means “little bald one.” It’s still unique but not unheard of.

Uriel This is the name of a planet the children are taken to, where they first see Mrs. Whatsit transform into a winged centaur. Uriel means “God’s light.” It’s a beautiful boy’s name. It has an angelic feel to it, from the Archangel Uriel.

Malak Malak is a star, the “sun” of the planet Uriel. Malak means “angel.” This celestial sounding name is used for both boys and girls. Malakhi is a popular version of it as well.

Sandy Sandy is one of the twins, Meg and Charles Wallace’s brothers. The name means “protector of humanity.” It is used for both boys and girls. Here it is a name to honor the children’s father, Alexander.

Dennys This name, pronounced “Dennis” is considered a shortened version of the Greek god name Dionysus. Dennys is the other twin brother and the less skeptical one. It’s a unique twist on an average name.

Madeleine I must include the author’s name, it’s such a pretty one. Madeleine L’Engle’s novel captures the fantasy and imagination of youth. And it also has good messages. It means “woman from Magdala.” It makes a perfect name for any little girl.

Tess This name means “to reap or harvest,” and has a plethora of spellings. It’s a pretty name, a bit delicate sounding. However, here it is inspired by the tesseract concept of time and space travel used in the novel. It’s an interesting concept that oddly was harder to understand as an adult than as a child. It’s a neat inspiration for a pretty girl’s name.

Bea Bea means “voyager” and is often short for Beatrice. Here, it represents Aunt Beast. I figured Beast was too harsh of a name, but this character is worth noting. She heals Meg after a particular harsh tesser and teachers her about love.

John John Farrar was a founder of the publishing company, Farrar, Straus and Giroux. After 26 rejection letters from other places this was the company that finally published A Wrinkle in Time. John means “God is merciful.” It’s a common and reliable name.

Kate Thought it’s not found out until a later book in the series, Kate is the name of Meg’s mother. It means “chaste, pure.” She is a scientist and works out of the laboratory of their home. She is considered beautiful and Meg often feels “plain” in comparison.

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