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Posted on: January 28th, 2018by Casey Anderson

Month based baby names are certainly popular. But sometimes you want to acknowledge the month your baby was born, conceived or due, without actually naming them for that month. Or maybe there's another reason you want to pay tribute to a month without naming your child 'January.'

There's lots of ways to do it, after all, every month is a good month to celebrate a baby right? One way that's very subtle, is just starting your baby's name with the first letter of that month!

It sounds like a fun and interesting way to find a name, so let's try it! We'll start with January!


Jackie I love this name for is fun and sporty style. It means 'supplanter.' But a girl named Jackie has to have some spunk. If you want something a little more elegant sounding with Jackie as a nickname, you can go for Jacqueline.

Jayda This is considered a Spanish variant of Jade, but also said to come from the name Jayden. So, depending on what you believe this name either means 'jade' or 'thankful.' Both are good and pretty. It's a cool name to say without being hard to pronounce and it sounds a bit exotic.

Jeri Jeri is said to originate from Geraldine, which means 'spear ruler.' So it's a name that's short but powerful. Another name that sounds fun with a little bit of attitude. There are various ways to spell it, Jery, Jerrie, Geri, etc. But Jeri seems to be the most popular.

Jillian Jillian is a feminine form of Julian. Jill is often more popular but I think the extended name here gives it a very different feel. It sounds more sophisticated without losing the fun of Jill. Plus, you can always use Jill as a nickname for your little girl!

Jolie This lovely sounding name actually means 'pretty' and is it ever. When you hear it you picture pretty flowers blowing in a soft breeze. Plus it's used as a last name for the famous Angelina Jolie, so it has a bit of a celebrity feel too!

Justine Justine means 'just.' When hearing the name I envision a powerful girl child who grows up to do something amazing. It has the air of a born leader. But, if she has a brother you might want to avoid naming him Justin.

Joanna Joanna means 'God is gracious.' It's a gracious name that can also be powerful. It lends to many great nicknames, such as Joan, Jo, and Anna. It's a good name to grow with a child; it's cute but won't be silly when she gets older.


Jackson Jack for short of course, but I love the sound of Jackson. It means either 'son of Jack' or 'God has been gracious' depending on the origin. It sounds very'business casual. Like, Jackson is a guy that knows when to be serious and when to have fun.

Jaeden A Hebrew origin name that means 'thankful.' Similar to Jayda in girls names. It's a trendy sounding name that sounds unique without being too out there. It can be spelled many different ways, such as: Jayden, Jaedan, Jaden, etc.

Jensen This is a Scandinavian surname that means 'son of Jen.' It is just starting to show up as a forename. So, it's a little edgy and ahead of its time. But it has a nice solid sound to it. It comes off very respectable.

Joel Joel is a biblical name that means 'Yahweh is God' in a way that implies that Yahweh is the 'true' god. Thus, it's a very religious name. Not that you couldn't use the name if you weren't a religious family, but it is particularly meaning for to many who are.

Jorge This is the Spanish variant of the name George, and is pronounced HAORH-hey. It means 'farmer' and 'earthworker.' It's both a classic and original sounding name. A great name if your family tends to farm, but good either way.

Jeramie A variant of Jeremiah, which means 'Yahweh has uplifted.' Jeramie sounds a little less old fashioned, but still a well-established name. There are multiple spellings of this one as well, including Jeremy, Jeramy, Jerame, etc.

Joshua This is a name that means 'salvation.' It's a rather common name and always a safe bet to find things like keychains and cups with your name on it. Some boys can appreciate a nice solid name that won't stand out too much, and this is perfect for that.

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